Marriage Story: Will It Ever Going to Happen?


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Netflix’s Marriage Story, directed by Noah Baumbach, has received rave reviews from both reviewers and fans. This Noah Baumbach’s personal film about divorce has been a critical and commercial success.

Here are some behind-the-scenes details and interesting facts from the Netflix film, Marriage Story.

Marriage Story is regarded as one of the best films of 2019, winning several prizes. It has also received an acclaim for its riveting story plot and unique perspective on divorce. Marriage Story, starring Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson, depicts the life of a soon-to-be-divorced marriage and their post-divorce outlook on family life.

Marriage Story, directed by Noah Baumbach, has received appreciation from filmgoers worldwide. Despite the fact that the critically acclaimed cinema is paradoxically a love story presented through the perspective of a divorce. Here are some fun facts about the movie.

marriage story

Although being a smaller film than some of the other Best Picture candidates. Marriage Story has received widespread praise for its frank, hilarious, and heartbreaking portrayal of a relationship in disarray. The film stars Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson as a married couple going through an increasingly acrimonious divorce.

The film takes a genuine and compelling approach to the tale. It makes it both exciting and challenging to watch at points. From conception to completion, the video appears to have been a labor of passion for everyone involved. Further providing for an intriguing behind-the-scenes look. Here are a few facts regarding the creation of Marriage Story that you probably didn’t know.

Unknown Facts About the Marriage Story

Laura Dern’s role in the film is said to be based on a well-known Los Angeles lawyer. She is who represented both Dern and Scarlett Johansson throughout their divorces. Before the script was finished, Adam Driver, Scarlett Johansson, and Laura Dern were supposedly cast. Unbeknownst to Noah Baumbach, Scarlett Johansson went through her second divorce when he invited her to join the project.

As admirers of Stephen Sondheim’s iconic 1970 Broadway musical Company. Noah Baumbach and Adam Driver chose to have the characters, Charlie and Nicole, perform Being Alive, and You Could Drive a Person Crazy in the film. Even before they started filming, Adam Driver allegedly suggested to Baumbach that they make a cinematic version of the Company.

According to the actor in an interview, Adam Driver had to punch the wall 15 times because the director was dissatisfied. He hit so hard at one point that he nearly punched through the wall behind the breakaway wall.

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In the film, Nicole, Scarlett Johansson’s character, featured in a popular young adult comedy called All Over the Girl early in her career. Jennifer Jason Leigh, the essence of Nicole, was based on Noah Baumbach’s ex-wife Jennifer Jason Leigh. The latter had an early professional breakthrough in the young adult comedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High. This film, Marriage Story was said to have taken 47 days to film.

Marriage Story Received the Award for Best Wedding Story

Marriage Story has barely been in theatres for two months. Yet it has already won honors and acclaim at practically every award show in the western world. Laura Dern earned three accolades for her spellbinding performance in the film: a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Critics’ Choice Movie Award. Scarlett Johansson won the Satellite Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama for her role in the film.

The Film, Marriage Story Was a Personal Account

It’s perhaps not unexpected that the film is mainly based on real-life situations, given how raw and authentic the plot feels. The film is based on the divorce of writer-director Noah Baumbach and his wife, actress Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight). Baumbach wanted to depict a love tale set in the backdrop of a divorce, so he borrowed from his own experience. When asked if Leigh had seen the film, Baumbach said she had and that she enjoyed it.

marriage story

The Film Was Based on Storytelling in a Group

In 2019, Adam Driver had a breakout year in the movies. With earning his second Oscar nomination for his outstanding performance in Marriage Story. This is the fourth time Driver and Noah Baumbach have collaborated, which has proven to be the most fruitful.

Years ago, Baumbach approached Driver with only a skeleton of a concept, and as they progressed in their respective professions, they would check-in and discuss ideas and advances in the plot. Driver and the other performers will play pivotal roles in the film, developing their own identities.

Life Is Imitated Through Art.

Along with Adam Driver, the female character’s casting was crucial to the overall success of the picture. Years ago, Scarlett Johansson and Noah Baumbach sought to collaborate on a never-completed project. She was his first option for the part as Marriage Story began to take form. Baumbach was unaware that Johansson was going through a divorce when he approached her about the project. She stated that she believed it was the ideal moment to tell this narrative and to collaborate with Baumbach.

Laura Dern Is a Well-known Actress.

While the film’s two main characters are the center of attention, Laura Dern, who plays Johansson’s lawyer, steals many of the moments. She is both humorous, lovely, and threatening. Like Driver and Johansson, Dern joined the movie before the screenplay was written and contributed to shaping her character. The film modeled the character on a real-life Los Angeles divorce attorney who, strangely enough, represented both Laura Dern and Scarlett Johansson in their divorces.

Conversing With Divorce Lawyers

Divorce proceedings with the attorneys are some of the film’s most intriguing and challenging parts. In the movie, Laura Dern, Alan Alda, and Ray Liotta play several lawyers, each portraying a distinct and unsettling aspect of the legal procedure.

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Baumbach would speak with genuine divorce attorneys in order to depict what these legal talks may be like without going too far. He’d describe the central notion of the novel, then inquire about the kinds of characteristics these attorneys would look for in the characters.

Script of the Film, Marriage Story

It’s no surprise that the film’s script has received some of the highest accolades. Baumbach intended to present the tale uniquely. Beginning with the end of the marriage and never flashing back to the beginning. He also wanted the audience to sympathize with Johansson’s character before shifting the attention to Driver’s character and making him likable as well.

Despite the fact that the film has multiple extended passages of discussion, it is always engrossing to watch because it sounds so natural. The performers claim that the reality is on the page because every phrase and pause is staged.

Greta Gerwig Is a Well-known Actress.

Even though the film is a dramatization of one of Baumbach’s romances going apart, his present relationship with Greta Gerwig proved to be a valuable asset in the production of the picture. Baumbach and Gerwig had previously worked together as writers, and she had also appeared in some of his films. Of course, Gerwig went on to become a well-known filmmaker.

While Baumbach was working on Marriage Story, Gerwig worked on Little Women, and the two collaborated on projects. According to reports, after seeing the film, Gerwig merely texted Baumbach a snapshot of herself weeping during the opening scene.

Montage of a Handheld Opening

The film does feature an incredibly strong opening sequence that pulls you into the tale and characters right away. Before transitioning to them at a meeting with a divorce mediator, we view their lives while they were together, with each speaking about all the things they love about one another.

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Unlike the rest of the film, these scenes are shot using a handheld camera. The goal was to make these experiences feel more personal. Baumbach noted that he wanted the characteristics that the characters praised in each other to feel like something that only those who knew them well would notice.

marriage story

To Be Alive

Adam Driver is at a piano bar with his buddies when he chooses to scream out the tune “Being Alive” from Stephen Sondheim’s musical “Company,” which is one of the most renowned sequences in the film. Driver and Noah Baumbach are both huge fans of the musical, and Baumbach even tried adapting it into a film at one time but couldn’t figure out how. He chose to employ it in this picture as a means for Driver’s character to show his melancholy without saying it aloud.

A Large Battle

The most explosive sequence in the film occurs at the climax, when Driver and Johansson finally voice their grievances with one other, ending in a terrible and destructive brawl. The two performers had to develop their emotions from reasonably calm to explosive at this moment. Baumbach shot the battle in a single take each time to aid them in this endeavor. According to Driver, it was shot in the same way that most films shoot love scenes with the smallest crew possible. The whole action, including the wall punch, was filmed more than a dozen times in the end.


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