Mark Ruffalo was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame



For four-time Oscar nominee Mark Ruffalo, it was a “Hulk” of a day! On Thursday, the actor was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Speaking at the event, his co-star from “13 Going on 30,” Jennifer Garner, claimed that the 2004 beloved film “kicked off the Mark Ruffalo rom-com era.”

Putting joking aside, Garner expressed her gratitude for being a part of his wonderful day.

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“How happy and content your coworkers are to be able to encourage and congratulate you is what truly defines success. “Hollywood exhales deeply as a group every time your name is called, acknowledging that the right thing has indeed happened,” she remarked.

As he accepted the platform, Ruffalo started to cry.

“I know this is a very prime piece of real estate, so I thank you for your generosity,” remarked the man.

And with that, the actor expressed his gratitude to the Native American people, saying, “We are on what used to be their homelands.”

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“I’m really touched. I really appreciate this. It humbles me greatly. I’ve been crying while I’ve been here,” he continued.

He remembered arriving in Hollywood at the age of just eighteen.

“I stepped off the bus and found myself standing here on Hollywood Boulevard. I was really afraid when I entered the Stella Adler Conservatory. “I want to dedicate my life to being an actor,” was all he knew to say.

He studied at the Stella Adler Conservatory for seven years. And in the way that “only an eighteen-year-old can, totally oblivious to the fact how frickin’ hard it was going to be,” he had faith in himself and his dream as a young man.

“Every week, my grandmother would give me $20 in an envelope along with a small note that said, ‘I believe in you.'” Remain where you are. You can manage this,” he remembered.

He claimed that getting those weekly handwritten notes and the money was actually what got him through a difficult period.

He provided the following advice for aspiring young actors in the entertainment industry:

Nothing in life is too difficult or not worthwhile in some manner. Whether you succeed or fail, nothing worthwhile in life is simple. So hold on!” stated Ruffalo.

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He also wanted to stress that acting is a team sport, just like everything else in life.

“A wonderful life is never accomplished by one person alone. Being an actor is never a solo endeavor. To do that, so many people are needed. Thus, I would want to clarify that this star is not mine alone. You own it.

You people out there are my admirers, and you are essentially the ones who funded our career. Nobody does this alone, therefore it’s for my friends who have stood by me for all these years,” he remarked.

The star for Ruffalo is located 2,772nd along the renowned landmark. That it’s situated right outside the Stella Adler Conservatory makes perfect sense.

For his roles in Thomas McCarthy’s “Spotlight,” Bennett Miller’s “Foxcatcher,” and “The Kids Are All Right,” the veteran actor received three Oscar nominations in a span of five years. For his part in the Frankenstein-esque story “Poor Things,” he has received his most recent Oscar nomination.

Not to be forgotten is his role as “The Hulk” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as “13 Going on 30.”

Additional cinematic credits for Ruffalo include “Infinitely Polar Bear,” “Thanks for Sharing,” “Now You See Me,” “Shutter Island,” “We Don’t Live Here Anymore,” “Zodiac,” “The Brothers Bloom,” “Collateral,” “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “In The Cut,” “Just Like Heaven,” “Reservation Road,” “All the King’s Men,” “What Doesn’t Kill You,” “My Life Without Me,” “The Last Castle,” “Windtalkers,” “Committed,” “Ride With the Devil,” “Studio 54,” “Safe Men,” “The Last Big Thing,” “Begin Again,” and many more.