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Mario 64: Smoke Has Been Glitched For 25 Years


David Mudd

Super Mario 64 is something we all remember profoundly. It was the beginning of our gaming years. Also, it was the beginning of 3D platforming.

But with this change in the time, there had to be upgradations as well. These times called for some sever changes in the game.

Nintendo 64 is doing exactly that. It is going to move further into 3D. So, it will be upgrading the Super Mario 64 most gracefully ever. The classic game will be upgraded. So, everyone is excited to find out how it goes for the game.

Stay tuned to grab the latest information about it. But did you ever notice a glitch in your favorite game?

As it turns out, there was a glitch in the classic Super Mario that you never thought of. Here is more about it.

What Is The Glitch About Mario 64? 

Mario 64

Very recently a glitch is found out in the game. This is about 25 years after the age was originally released. Isn’t it amazing?

A twitter user had looked into the code of the game. He found out that the smoke code had something odd with it. When Mario touches fire, this smoke code is used and it is bugged.

After making one adjustment, he found out a great change. So, it isn’t much but it is something. The smoke, after the change, shows black plumes.

So, it resembles actual smoke more.  Earlier, it was quite pixelated.

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What Will Be Happening Now?

There is going to be a great push in the Super Mario. The makers are deciding to improve on the franchise.

All the games that are tried have been successful as of now. So, it would work well with another addition.

Anyway, you’ll find more Mario on the Nintendo Switch soon. Players have kept the game interesting. With their growing interest in bringing out new reveals, it is simply amazing.

It is expected that Nintendo will release an HD Remake of its 3D Mario games. So, you can expect SUper Mario 64 to be on the list. Now obviously, we’d like to find out how the smoke looks.

More About This

Mario 64

People have been divided on this discovery. While some have sidelined it saying that Mario is very overrated.

There are still others that have enjoyed this reveal. However, a group of the party has also supported the glitched look of smoke.

Inclination to nostalgia might be a reason for it.