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Marine: 899 COVID-19 Cases Statewide, 2 Deaths Recorded, Mills Says Plan For Reopening Maine To Be Released Soon

The northeastern state of New England Marine is situating in the United States. Presently, the Unites states confirm with 7,12,184 positive cases, with 59,532 recovered. The state faced many deaths with 32,823 all over time, and the deaths rates are increasing tremendously. As part of the United States, Marine is also facing the virus badly with 899 cases of which 266 are recover. Marine, is listed with 19 deaths overall.

Mills Statement About Reopening Of Marine:

Janet Trafton Mills is an American lawyer and politician serving as the 75th governor of Maine, since January 2019. She previously served as the Maine Attorney General on two separate occasions.

The reopening of Maine is a hot topic now, and Gov. Janet Mills gave a statement on Friday, that she will declare a plan on how to reopen Maine. She confirms the reopening even after the state reported 31 new cases and two more deaths from COVID-19.


Mills discussed with her administration over COVID-19:

“Has been connecting with individual economic sectors across the state to devise a plan for how we gradually reopen the Maine economy. Those decisions, of course, are driven first and foremost by the need to protect the public health. We will release details of the plan in the near future.”

However, Mills provided no details about the timing of the reopening or how it would be carried out. She said she has been working with New Hampshire and Vermont. Over on regional planning for COVID-19 reopening, but gave no info about it.

The spokesperson of Mills, Lindsay Crete says to the response that there is no info about reopening but it might be “forthcoming.”
As the rate of virus affected people are increasing drastically, the Public health experts have listed several criteria that need to be met before reopening. There should be at least   two-week decline in the daily number of new cases, greatly expanding testing, tracing of people who may have been exposing to COVID-19, and enough health system capacity and protective gear for health care workers to care for patients. Mills has said she agrees with those criteria.

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