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Marie Antoinette Season 2 is Officially Happening! When is It Going to Release?

We know that you loved the first season of Marie Antoinette and get mesmerized by the renaissance of the drama series. There is no denying that the Marie Antoinette Renaissance left a great spark in people. The drama series has a marvelous plot line with eye-catching visuals and an amazing cast which makes everyone wonder about the show. 

Released on BBC, the drama series has an amazing fan following all around the world and is well received by the fence. As soon as the first season of  Marie Antoinette was released the fans, were truly mesmerized by the show. The conclusion of the series has been concluded recently and it allows the audience to wonder about the future of the show.

Many fans Are continuously hoping to see another season of the show. So if you are one of those fans who Are waiting to hear the announcement of the show, then get ready to know a lot of things regarding the upcoming series. 

There have been long speculations regarding the second installment of the show and recently the officials have released some updates on the matter. Continue reading the article and find out all the latest details regarding the series.

Marie Antoinette Season 2 is Officially Happening!


Get ready with your cup of tea and cake because the second season of Marie Antoinette is finally coming on the screen. The finale episode of the first season concluded on a major cliffhanger, and that’s the reason why the majority of us were highly speculating about the future of the show. 

As the series was already among the top hits of BBC and gained massive support from the people of the world, there was no denying that no officials would have worked for the second season of the show.

The first series consists of eight episodes and we already know that there are a lot of things that are made to conclude. So the story of the French Revolution will continue as the officials have confirmed the renewal of the series.

Marie Antoinette Season 2 Release Date: When is It Going to Release?

The drama's first season was released on October 31, 2022, in France. The officials released the drama in the same year on 29 December, in the UK. The series consists of eight episodes and is released on different dates in different parts of the world.

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Recently PBS released the series in the United States on March 19, 2023. Coming back to the major topic, which is regarding the release of the second season on the screen. After reading the above section, you already know that the second season has already been commissioned the second season of series and is working for the future of the show.

As the renewal status of the show was made public recently it is super soon to wonder about the release date of the show. However, we can confidently say that the second season of the series will be released first in France since the officials are likely to follow the same team as they did earlier.

There is a high chance for the show to be released in 2023 or 2024. If there are any details regarding a job in the future, We will make sure to let you know.

Marie Antoinette Season 2 Cast: Who Will Be in It?

In the second season, the fans of the series are likely to see all the main characters of the series. This means, all the characters that were there in the first season, will be coming in the second season.

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In the second season, you can expect Emilia Schüle as Marie Antoinette, James Purefoy as Louis XV, Louis Cunningham as Louis XVI, Jack Archer as Provence, Jasmine Blackborow as Lamballe, Caroline Piette as Victoire, Crystal Shepherd-Cross as Adelaide, Nathan Willcocks as Mercy, Roxane Duran as Joséphine, Marthe Keller as The Empress, Gaia Weiss as Madame Du Barry, Oscar Lesage as Chartres, Liah O'Prey as Yolande, Yoli Fuller as Saint-Georges, Martijn Lakemeier as Axel von Fersen, Jonas Bloquet as Joseph II, and Laura Benson as Madame de Noailles


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The second season of the series might see some additional characters as the story of the drama is continuing in the future. The officials have not disclosed anything regarding the matter but if there will be any updates we will make sure to let you know.

What Does the Official Say?

Per Variety, season two “will portray how the royal couple at the height of their power faced an unprecedented financial crisis. The incessant attacks of Provence and Chartres against the royal couple stirred up the hatred of the nobles with disastrous consequences.”

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“The flawless, high-quality production is filled with glamorous talent and lavish locations, and we’re thrilled to offer a landmark new season of this unique interpretation of the fashionable French queen to global audiences,” Cathy Payne, CEO of Banijay Rights (the show's global distributor), said in a statement.

Actress Emilia Schüle, revealed in an interview, “She was a very different person from what history clings to. She wasn't a careless ruler with no regard for the French people. She was misunderstood and saw the world through her lens. She was much more complex and much more modern. I think she embodies our views today of equality, individuality, and self-determination.”

Marie Antoinette Season 2 Official Trailer

Are you wondering about the second trailer of the show? unfortunately, there is no official trailer since the show has been in your recently.  

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If you have not seen the show's first season of the show then here is the official trailer for you. continue watching the tailor and find out all the details regarding it.

What Are the Ratings of the Show?

In this section of the article, we will unfold the ratings of the series that are given by the audience and the critics. if you love to watch the rating of the show then this section is going to help you with it.

 starting with the IMDb rating of the show, which is 7.2/10. The series has 60% of rotten tomatoes. Coming to the audience rating summary, as the series is recently released there is no data on this section.

Where to Watch the Show?

One of the major confusions that every single person has regarding the show is where to stream it. So if you are a new person and have not watched the series you can stream the show on the BBC. BBC is a popular platform that allows the streaming of its shows.

Along with the show, there are turns of Amazing series which are available on the platform including Happy Valley, Breaking Bad, Sherlock Holmes, and more.


The majority of people, wondering about the second season of the show and want to know its release date of it. Thankfully, the show's second season is officially renewed by BBC and is set to release in the upcoming gear. there is no release date regarding the show as of now. 

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