When Can We Expect Marianne Season 2?

Marianne Season 2 is a web TV series which is related to horror scenes but not get renewal from Netflix as of now.

Marianne Season 2

Marianne is a French horror web television series. Do you like horror movies? I like the most just because horror movies help me to overcome my fear. If you all are searching one such series which is related to horror scenes then definitely you are at the right place. Let’s have a look over Marianne Season 2.

Marianne Season 2

The story of Marianne Season 2 spins around the young novelist named Emma. She realizes that the characters that she writes in her novel are real in the world. Before proceeding further let me ask you a question…….

Have you seen the 1st Season of Marianne? If not then no need to worry, the IMDb rating of Marianne is given below that may help you to recognize how interesting the series is………..

As the 1st Season aired on 13th September, 2019 on Netflix, all the fans (including me) are very excited to know about the next season i.e. Marianne Season 2.

Marianne Season 2

As I told you earlier that Marianne Season 2 is one of the best French horror web TV series. It is created and directed by Samuel Bodin. Marianne Season 2 is written by Bodin and Quoc Dang Tran and starred by Victorie Du Bois, Lucie Boujenah and Tiphaine Daviot.

It has been the national personalization of the French republic. It holds a place of honour in town halls and law courts.

After reading this, let’s read the plotline of the 2nd Season of Marianne……..

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Marianne Season 2: Plot | What Happens In Marianne Season 2?

In Marianne Season 1, Emma tells that she is in love. But actually, she is not in love. It was just the idea of love that settles in her head. In the 2nd Season of Marianne, it is expected that she really fall in love. Emma would really fall in love with an older woman, who is very classy and sophisticate novelist.


Emma didn’t like the matter that she wrote and she meets that person in very strange circumstances. She falls deeply in love. Basically, the story of the 2nd Season of Marianne is about the mistakes which you generally make when you fall in love with someone.

That woman uses her in an evil way. Emma’s assistant named Camile, tries to save Emma from that woman and to open her eyes to the love between them. That was her arc in the 2nd Season of Marianne.

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Cast/ Characters of Marianne Season 2

  • Victoire Du Bois as Emma Larsimon
  • Lucie Boujenah as Camille
  • Tiphaine Daviot as Aurore
  • Ralph Amoussou as Séby
  • Bellamine Abdelmalek as Arnaud
  • Mehdi Meskar as Tonio
  • Alban Lenoir as Inspector Ronan
  • Mireille Herbstmeyer as Mrs Daugeron
  • Corinne Valancogne as Mrs Larsimon
  • Patrick d’Assumçao as Fr Xavier
  • Pierre Aussedat as Mr Larsimon
  • Luna Lou as Teen Emma
  • Charlie Loiselier as Teen Aurore
  • Bruni Makaya as Teen Séby
  • Adam Amara as Teen Arnaud
  • Anna Lemarchand as Teen Caroline
  • Délia Espinat-Dief as Marianne

These are the main characters of the series that made the 2nd Season of Marianne demanding for all the fans.

When Can We Expect Marianne Season 2 On Our Screen?| The Release Date of Marianne Season 2

The 1st Season of Marianne was liked by so many fans (including me). Despite the rave reviews from horror circles, Netflix decided not to renew the 2nd Season of Marianne.

Marianne Season 2

Marianne Season 2 was officially cancelled after Season 1 of 8 episodes in January 2020. Behind the cancellation, there is no perfect reason. But it can be assumed that Marianne’s viewership didn’t reach the levels of Netflix, that’s the reason behind the cancellation of the 2nd Season.

But it can’t be true as Netflix cancelled the series too quickly. So, any perfect reason can’t be assumed. Moreover, Netflix’s French horror series Marianne ends with a good cliffhanger, still there won’t be the 2nd Season.

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Trailer of Marianne Season 2

As I told you earlier, that the 2nd Season of Marianne is cancelled by Netflix. So, there is not official trailer of the cancelled series . But if you haven’t seen the 1st Season of Marianne then you can get the idea from the trailer of 1st Season given below:

IMDb Rating of Marianne

The IMDb rating of Marianne is 7.5 out of 10 with 11,882 votes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Emma got pregnant on Marianne?

In Marianne, Emma finds out that she got pregnant after sleeping with Seby (Ralph Amoussou) who is a married childhood friend and a new father.

Is Marianne a real story or not?

The cases that revolve around Emma specify Marianne, a real story.

Final Words

Marianne Season 2 is a French horror web TV series which is in demand of so many fans. But the disappointing thing about the series is that it is cancelled by Netflix. So, all the fans can no longer enjoy the 2nd Season.