Mariah Carey’s Daughter Monroe, 11, Looks Just Like Mom in New Photo!


Saloni Singh

Mariah Carey and her 11- time-old son Monroe wore coordinating black outfits and matching hairstyles for their mama – son date.

The “ All I Want For Christmas Is You ” legend wore a longsleeved black mini dress with a leather belt and rock- clad heels, and her son matched in a black sequin skirt, latex moto jacket, and Converse high-top lurkers.

 The girls ’ curled hair protruded in substantial curls with the crown section of their permanents woven into rows of lacings. Carey participated a print on Twitter, entitling the sweet tweet “ mama/ Son Brace Hair pageants!!!#Thehairtales ” with butterfly and heart emojis.

The Butterfly musician participated two fresh prints on Instagram, with one identified “ Roe Roe Diva! And Mimi!! ” with a crown, butterfly, and diamond emoji.

Fans and musketeers showed their love in the commentary, with Anastasia writing “ Mini Mimi ” and Heidi Klum opining several heart and heart- eye emojis. suckers reflected “ mariah really said dupe and paste!, ” “ the dynamic brace!!! and the ringlets!! I LOVE THIS MOMENT!, ” and “ She really is your twin, Mariah!!! ”

Mariah Carey’s Daughter Monroe, 11, Looks Just Like Mom In New Photo

Carey Shares Monroe and Her Binary Family Moroccan Withex-Husband Nick Cannon.

She celebrated the kiddies ’ 11th birthday on Instagram in April, writing “ Happy 11th birthday to the two topmost blessings of my life. Roc and Roe Always be my babies! DEMKIDS!!!! I LOVE YOU ever!, ” paired with a carousel of a current and fogy print. No matter how old they are, they ’ll always be Mariah Carey’s babies!

Mariah, Who Was Instated Into the Songwriters Hall of Fame Just a Many Months Agone

 And Monroe were both spotted showing off their stupendous curled hair in the print dump from the mama – son night out that Mariah posted on both Instagram and Twitter.

The Grammy Award- winning artist uploaded two different images to Instagram, entitling one’ My 🦋 💎” and the other” Roe Roe Diva! 👑 And MImi!! 🦋 💎.”

 In each shot, Mariah and Monroe are seen wearing black outfits- Mariah a mini dress with sparkly high- heeled sandals and Monroe a dark cortege sequin mini skirt with a black top, leather jacket and discourse lurkers with matching hairstyles featuring cornrows at the top of their heads and substantial ringlets falling around their shoulders.

Mariah Carey’s Daughter Monroe, 11, Looks Just Like Mom In New Photo

Mariah Carey Shares Monroe and Her Binary Family Moroccan With Her Former Hubby Nick Cannon.

 The two got married back in 2008 and had the kiddies in 2011. Three times latterly, they blazoned their separation, before officially getting disassociated in 2016. Nick has seven other children as well.

 Fans of the iconic songster are by now veritably familiar with both Moroccan and Monroe, who are frequently featured on her social media accounts and whom she has spoken at lengths about during interviews all throughout her astral career.

 In another memorable occasion, while drooling with Us Weekly last time, Mariah went into detail about the specifics of her parenthood style.