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Margot Robbie: In Barbie Set Photos, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling Show Off Their Skating Skills.

Margot Robbie:

New photographs from the upcoming live-action film based on the Barbie franchise show Margot Robbie’s version of Barbie and Ryan Gosling’s portrayal of Ken roller skating at the beach while wearing identical clothes.

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling may be seen roller skating on the sand in recently released set photographs from the film Barbie. Greta Gerwig, who previously directed the film Little Women, will be in charge of directing the upcoming WB live-action film based on the Mattel fashion doll line of the same name.

The film adaptation of Barbie has been in the works for a number of years now and has been subjected to a great deal of resistance from the creative community. The production was eventually taken up by Warner Bros., and Robbie was brought on board to both produce and play the role of Barbie.

Later on, Gerwig was brought on to direct and co-write, and in October 2021, Gosling was officially cast in the role of Ken, Barbie’s equivalent on the masculine side. Since the spring of 2022, production on the film Barbie has been going on in both Leavesden and Los Angeles.

It appears that Barbie will be one of the most anticipated toys released in the year 2023. To begin, in addition to Robbie and Gosling, the film features a stellar ensemble cast that also includes Issa Rae and Hari Nef. Other notable actors in the film include Simu Liu and Ncuti Gatwa. They are rumoured to be playing different versions of Ken and Barbie respectively, according to the rumours.

In addition, it appears that Barbie will not be a plain fairytale like the doll’s two prior animated movies. Although the tale details for Barbie have not been revealed as of yet, viewers have been able to get a sense of what they might anticipate thanks to set images and videos.

Now, MRBR Photos has published a series of additional set images from Barbie, and in these, Robbie and Gosling can be seen roller-skating at the beach in matching outdoor clothes, complete with neon knee and elbow protection.

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The images were taken by MRBR Photos. In some of the pictures, the celebrities are surrounded by surfers and other people who are enjoying themselves at the beach. However, in other snapshots, they are simply talking to one another while skating, which is likely a part of the scene that they are filming. Have a peek at the pictures that are down here.

The new set photographs are among the several that have followed the official look at Robbie’s Barbie and Gosling’s shirtless Ken, which was released by WB earlier this year. Both Robbie and Gosling will play the roles of Barbie and Ken, respectively.

All of the pictures taken together create an atmosphere and aesthetic that is evidently very flashy, extravagant, and completely campy. Interestingly, these aren’t the first shots that depict Margot Robbie skating in Barbie; a few photos that were leaked earlier showed the actress skating alongside the mystery characters played by America Ferrera and Ariana Greenblatt.

It is difficult to make anything out of these Barbie photographs because there are so little details, but it is obvious that the main characters will be involved in a lot of action.

The latest Barbie material, together with the newly released images, give the impression that the next live-action film is making a sincere effort to give life to the dolls that come from the iconic Mattel toy sets.

Robbie and Gosling’s Western cowboy costumes were reminiscent of the Western and Cowgirl Barbie selection in the past, and the new costumes appear to be a nod to the Hot Skatin’ Barbie and Hot Skatin’ Ken figures from the 1990s. Previously, the Western cowboy costumes were redolent of the Western and Cowgirl Barbie selection.

Taking all of this into consideration, it would appear that Barbie will transport viewers back in time, into the timeless realm of the perfect doll. Having said that, the film Barbie is not scheduled to be released in theatres until July 2023, so audiences should prepare themselves for a number of further sneak peeks of the characters and their universe in the days and weeks ahead.

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