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Marcia Gay Harden is an American actress who has a net worth of$ 8 million. Marcia Gay Harden is known for her performances in similar flicks as” The First women Club,”” Mystic River,”” Mona Lisa Smile,” and” Pollock,” the lattermost of which earned her the Academy Award for Stylish Supporting Actress.

On TV, she has had notable places on” The Newsroom,”” Code Black,”” How to Get Down with Murder,”” jewel woman,” and” The Morning Show,” among other shows. Meanwhile, Harden’s stage credits include the accredited Broadway plays” Angels in America” and” God of holocaust.”

Early Life and Education

Marcia Gay Harden was born on August 14, 1959 in the La Jolla area of San Diego, California to Beverly, a housewife, and Thad, a US Navy officer. She has a family and three sisters. The family moved frequently due to Harden’s father’s job, living around the world in places including Germany, Japan, and Greece.

Settling in Maryland, Harden went to Surrattsville High School in Clinton. She went on to attend the University of Texas at Austin, from which she graduated with a BA in theater in 1980. Harden latterly enrolled at NYU’s Tisch School of the trades, earning her MFA in 1988.

Marcia Gay Harden net worth

Film Career in the 90s

Harden had her advance part on film in 1990, playing Verna Bernbaum in the Coen sisters’ gangbanger film” Miller’s Crossing.” She followed this with major places in” Late for regale,”” Crush,”” habituated People,” and” Safe Passage.”

Harden’s biggest time on film yet came in 1996, when she was in five flicks” The Spitfire Grill,”” The Daytrippers,”” The First women Club,”” Spy Hard,” and” Far Harbor.”

She latterly played croakers in two veritably different flicks, the wisdom- fabrication comedy” Flubber” and the action-suspenser” hopeless Measures.” Harden’s final two credits of the 90s were” Meet Joe Black” and” Curtain Call.”

Farther Film Career

In 2000, Harden appeared in the adventure drama” Space cowhands” and the biographical drama” Pollock.” For her depiction of painter Lee Krasner in the ultimate film, she won the Academy Award for Stylish Supporting Actress.

Harden coming starred in the comedy” Gaudi Afternoon.” In 2003, she earned her alternate Academy Award nomination for her supporting performance in Clint Eastwood’s crime drama” Mystic River.

Also that time, Harden appeared in” Mona Lisa Smile” and” Casa de los Babys.” Her posterior credits were” Drink to Mooseport”;”P.S.”” Bad News Bears”;” American Gun”;” American Dreamz”;” The Dead Girl”” The humbug”; and” Canvas.” In 2007, Harden had major places in” The unnoticeable,”” Into the Wild,”” Rails & Ties,” and” The Mist.” ending out the decade, she appeared in” Home,”” Thomas Kinkade’s Home for Christmas,”” The Maiden Heist,” and” Whip It.”

In 2011, Harden starred in” Detachment” and” Eventually This Pain Will Be Useful to You.” latterly, she was in” If I Were You,”” The Wine of Summer,”” Parkland,”” Magic in the Moonlight,”” You are Not You,” and” Elsa & Fred.”

Marcia Gay Harden net worth

In 2015, Harden’s credits included” Grandma” and” After Words”; she also played Grace Trevelyan Grey in the romantic drama” Fifty tones of Grey,” grounded on the eponymous novel. Harden latterly reprised that part in the conclusions” Fifty tones Darker” and” Fifty tones Freed.” Her other film credits have included” Get a Job,”

” Point Blank,”” Pink Skies Ahead,” and” Moxie.”

Marcia Gay Harden Net Worth and Payment

Marcia Gay Harden is a Movie Actress who has a net worth of $ 16 million. Marcia Gay Harden was born in San Diego, in August 14, 1959.

American actress who won an Academy Award for Stylish Supporting Actress for her part in the 2000 film Pollock. Her other film credits include Meet Joe Black, Space cowhands, Mystic River, The unnoticeable, Flubber and Fifty tones of Grey.

Who’s Marcia Gay Harden?

Born in California to Beverly Harden and Thad Harold Harden, a US Navy officer. The family moved frequently, on account of her father’s job, having stayed in Japan, Germany, Greece and Maryland.

Harden graduated from Surrattsville High School in Clinton, Maryland and has a bachelorette’s degree in theatre from the University of Texas at Austin. She also has a Master of fine trades from the Tisch School of the trades.

Her performance in’ Pollock led to her first Academy Award nomination and palm, she bagged the Oscar for Stylish Supporting Actress. She was nominated formerly again in the same order for her performance in’ Mystic River.’ Her other workshop include pictures similar as’ American Gun,” Flubber,” The Mist,’ and’ Into the Wild.’

Harden’s TV places include Dr Leanne Rorish on’ Code Black’ and attorney Rebecca Halliday in’ The Newsroom.’ Although she has had a land standing and emotional career, in an composition HuffPost in 2019, Harden spoke about how she doubts she would win an award of that standing, given the current script.” moment, I do n’t know that would be to me,” she said.” It seems to me, it’s like a different world.

Marcia Gay Harden net worth

It seems astonishing that it did. And awful that it did.”

Still, while talking to shark this time, she explained what it would be like to take on another Oscar- good part.” Okay, I take it back,” she said, with regard to her former statement.” I do n’t know why I would have said such a thing. perhaps because it’s not where my head is.

But I would be a veritably big fabricator if I said I would n’t like to, and I ’d like to win an Emmy. Of course, I would. But the thing that comes before saying, “ I ’d like to win an Oscar, ” also means you ’d like to be given a part that was big enough and important enough to be suitable to do commodity with it. It’s about the compass of the work,” she explained.

Is Marcia Gay Harden Married?

Harden was preliminarily married to Thaddaeus Scheel. The couple tied the knot in 1996. They’ve three children together, Eulala Grace Scheel and halves Julitta Dee Scheel and Hudson Harden Scheel. Harden latterly filed for divorce in 2012.

She compactly dated actor Morgan Freeman, but the brace resolve up. Not important information is known about who she’s presently seeing.


As per Celebrity Net Worth, Harden’s net worth is $ 16 million. In 2002, she and her nowex-husband Thaddaeus Scheel bought a stunning home in Harlem, at 351 West 120th road for$1.2 million. erected in 1899 and meant for a family of three, the house was converted to a single- family home by Harden and Scheel, as reported by the Observer.

Marcia Gay Harden net worth

It came complete with six to seven bedrooms, five full and two partial cataracts, four fireplaces, a private theater , two sundecks and a professional- looking kitchen with a fireplace. Still, post their divorce, the couple vended the home for$2.75 million.

They also possessed a 150 acres property in Mountaindale, New York. also the couple had a,000 sq ft home. The couple originally brought the property for$,000, and latterly brought an conterminous 70 acres, as reported by the New York Times.

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