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Manifest: Season 3?(Spoilers) Major Twist In Finale, Just How Important Are Three Meth Heads?

Manifest is an American supernatural series. This Monday, the second series got wrapped up for the drama series. The NBC is not official about a next season 3 for Manifest. But, it is possible to happen sometime. The story revolves around passengers of a flight. Their flight went missing five years ago and they are mysteriously back. Season 1 was based on the travelers trying to unravel the mystery behind the flight disappearance.

There are changes happened in their real-life too. All their friends and family moved without them. After all, they found that all the passengers were receiving shared thoughts. They call that “Callings”. The season one also was about finding out what is “Calling”.

Manifest Season 3 Updates


NBC has not renewed the series yet. General rating for Manifest Season 2 rated between 3.5 million and 4 million viewers. It was not much promising. But, it changed in the middle of the season. Then it became better than some starting episodes of the season. If this situation stays constant. Then it will be good news for the series.

Story Details Of The Season 3

Zeke got able to survive the dreaded death date in Manifest season 2 after saving Cal. The death of others is inevitable. After all, that shows some positive potential for season 3. When the passengers reached the end of the tunnel, there was a light seen. It gives hope that they can overcome whatever comes next.

There was a tease at the final episode of season 3. The tease was a ship pullout a plane wing out of the ocean. The wing is said as the flight 825’s. But it was return years ago. The whole thing makes another moody conclusion about the passengers.

Manifest Season 2

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