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MangaLife: 5 Genuine Reason Why It’s The Best Manga Reader

Do you read Manga on the web? Today’s there are hundreds of websites that offer Manga reading absolutely free. However, there is only a handful of them offer the same service on smartphones. In this post, I’ll try my best to review one such website MangaLife.

Usage of MangaLife isn’t limited to a web browser on a PC or Smartphone. Manga Life has its own app for iOS users which comes with some of the much-needed features. Now, let’s get to know about them one-by-one:

MangaLife Features – Web & App

MangaLife iOS App Features

Massive Library

Manga Life iOS comes with its own massive library. Name a category & you’ll easily find it on the app. In total it offers your favorite Manga from 19 categories – Action, Adventure, Comedy, Doujinshi, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Martial Arts, Mecha, Mystery, Romance, Sci-fi, School Life, Seinen, Shoujo, Shounen, Supernatural, and Webtoons.

Manga Translations

In terms of translation, Manga Life is going hand-by-hand with all of your favorite manga sources – InManga, Mangabird, Manga fox, Manga Hub, Mangakakalot, Mangakiss, Manga panda, Mangapark, Manga reader, Manga Rock, Mangazone, NineManga, ScanFr, and Zing box. As soon as a Manga arrives at any of these sources, Manga Life publishes those translations to their site.

Language Support

MangaLife supports 3 languages – English, Spanish & French.

Cloud Sync

Switching one phone to another or PC? There’s no need for you to worry about your saved choice. MangaLife supports cloud sync features. To use this feature, make sure you’ve saved all your preferences in your created account at Manga Life. Log in with the same account & you can easily access all of your reading histories.

Offline Reading

Don’t have the time to read the manga? No worries as manga life offer an offline reading. Whenever you’re connected to the wi-fi, download the manga you want to read at a later time. Once done, enjoy reading the manga in your iPhone or iPad without the internet.

In case, you’re not an iPhone user & want to install it on your Android phone, there’s bad news for you. Manga Life android app is not available on the Google Play Store.

However, you can solve this issue by downloading a mangalife apk file from the web.

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to MangaLife

Every manga reading platforms have their sets of pros. & cons. Now, going ahead, I’ll list 10 Reasons why should switch to Manga Life.

Real-Time Manga Update

As soon as a manga is released on the web, MangaLife fetches it from other sources to their platform. No delay whatsoever.

Subscription Feed

I suspect this amazing MangaLife capability will win you over. Register yourself using your email, username & password and you can start receiving all the updates happening at the official site. You’ll get every single information straight into your inbox.

No Annoying Ads

Most of the manga sites include too many ads on their site. Even if that was not enough, they added pop-up ads on top to annoy the users. They’re doing all this to get an extra income. However, that’s not the case with MangaLife, there aren’t many ads on their website or the smartphone app.

MangaLife User Interface

In terms of the user interface, I won’t say it’s great but you can work it out. With the dark user interface, mangalife offers 4 menus at the top – Home, Directory, Search & Discussion. Right below this, there’s an Admin Recommendation section. Here you get a daily manga recommendation straight from the admin.

Home is categorized properly in 2 sections & 4 right-side widget. Thee 2 sections are – Hot Update & Latest Chapters. Further on the right side, the 4 widgets are – Subscription feed, History, Background Color, & Recently Added.

MangaLife Reader

A Manga Reader is the most important aspect of any manga streaming site. In this department, MangaLife does an OK-ish job. MangaLife reader does provide all the necessary features like Single Page reading, Long Strip Reading, Page Gap & Bookmark. However, all this feature can be of no use if you find the ads at the top & bottom annoying.

Although these ads aren’t as annoying as pop-up ads there’s a chance you can get distracted.

That’s it. These are the 5 reasons why you should prefer mangalife over other manga streaming sites. Check the site yourself at If it meets your requirement, no one will be happier than me.

Frequently Asked Questions | MangaLife

Q – How to change the source in MangaLife?

A – It’s simple. Click on the secondary sources & you’re good to go.

Q – MangaLife on Android not loading any chapter, what should I do?

A – Well, if you’re getting error in loading a chapter, head over to the advanced settings & reset the catalog. By doing this, the issue will be resolved. Let me know if it worked for you.

Final Words

So, these are some of the reasons why I would always recommend you to go for the Mangalife website and app. It’s free, & most importantly available on both the Android & iOS Smartphones. If you’re planning to read manga from MangaLife, let me know which one will you read first via the comments section given below.

In the meanwhile, if you want to watch Netflix anime then do check out this post where I’ve listed the 15 best sites to stream anime manga.

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