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Mangahere: Read Your Favorite Manga Online for Free?

Mangahere: Read Your Favorite Manga Online for Free?


Mangahere app is here as a one-stop for Manga Readers. Be it all the latest manga or its spoilers, Mangahere has got everything for you. It updates you with all the latest happenings going around all of your favorite Manga. As an app, Mangahere is available for Android & iOS users. That’s not it. If you want to read your favorite manga on the web, Mangahere is accessible as a website.

Further, in this post, I’ll discuss how good Mangahere really is. Along with this, I’ll be listing 5 of my favorite manga at mangahere. Now, let’s get started –

What I Like in Mangahere

Here, I’ll discuss everything good with Mangahere. Be it the android app, iOS app, or the web.

No Ads

Mangahere is available on 3 platforms & none of them displays any kind of annoying ads whatsoever. Most of the manga readers include banner ads in-between a manga chapter. However, that’s not the case with Mangahere. For the 1st time ever, I avoided myself from using any AD Blockers. As a manga user, you’ll have a seamless experience on all the Mangahere platforms.

Advanced Search

There aren’t many sites that provide this feature of advanced search. It’s super helpful. Before I say anything else, take a look at this screenshot I’ve attached below –

As you can see Mangahere website offers quite a lot of filters in their advanced search. This makes it easy for users like me to find favorite manga. You can sort out manga in a total of 8 categories – By Name, Type, Author Name, Artist Name, Genres, Rating, Year of Release & Complete Series.

You can also checkout the Mangastream Alternative like Mangahere 🙂

Community Interaction

Manga here helps you connect with other manga lovers. It allows you to write comments at the end of a manga chapter. This helps you discuss some important points of a manga chapter with other die-hard manga readers. By the way, that’s not the only place where you can write comments. The manga spoilers & news section also allows you to write your comments & start serious discussions with fellow manga readers at Manga here.

Manga Ranking

Manga here uses the ranking section to display the most popular manga on their website or app. The ranking tab further categorizes the rank based on the Daily, Weekly & Monthly popularity. Along with this, you get an additional Total Leaderboard section where top manga are categorized based on their ratings. The list updates dynamically based on user interests. It’s possible a manga that’s on the 1st rank today might not be there tomorrow.

Common Features

Last but not least Manga here provides some features that are common in almost every other manga reader. Mangahere allows you to add your favorite manga to your private library. You can access your library at any time to read your manga. That’s not the only common feature that Mangahere has.

You can also add bookmarks in the manga you’re reading. Remember to use these features, you must have a personal account on Mangahere. Once login is done, Manga here supports cross-synching account history on all of its platforms.

Well, these were some of the positive points of the official site & app. Now, let’s discuss some of its negative points.

What I Didn’t Like in Mangahere

Manga Library

Earlier I’ve mentioned that Mangahere provides advanced search options to find your favorite manga. However, what’s its use if I can’t find my favorite manga. For instance, I was looking for some of the manga I’m currently following. Manga like Cells at Work, The Dragon Prince & more.

I tried every filter available in the app or web version. However, I couldn’t find any. I can’t understand what’s the use of ranking manga based on their popularity when one of the most popular manga is not available on the list.

Unreliable Apps

We’re in a digital age where privacy matters a lot. Well, at least for me. Unlike some other manga readers, Mangahere does offer their app for Android & iPhone/iPad users. However, the available app for both android & iOS looks shady. Moreover, none of these apps are available on Google play store &

If just like me, privacy matters to you, I would recommend you to avoid using the Mangahere app. Instead, use the official website to read your favorite manga.

Well! you almost check out this article. I hope you like it 😛 but I also know a good streaming platform like manga here. You can check it: Movie4k, Tamilrockers, Ofilmywap, etc.

Language Limitation

Sad, but true. This site only offers free manga in the English language. If you’re looking to read your favorite language in your mother’s tongue, you’ll be highly disappointed. If you want to read manga in other languages, I would recommend you to go use this website.

These are some of the negative points of Mangahere I didn’t like in any of the available platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the accessible URL of Mangahere?

You can easily read your favorite manga at

How can I download the latest Mangahere app for android smartphones & iPhones?

On the top menu of the homepage, you’ll see a menu with the name “Get the App”. Click on it & you’ll be redirected to a new window. On that page download the Mangahere app for either an Android smartphone or an iPhone.

Final Words

Every website has its own set of pros. & cons. and Mangahere is no such exception. With this complete list of what I like & what I don’t like in Mangahere, I’ve already told everything important about this manga site.

f 3 negatives I’ve mentioned in this list do not affect you in any way, you can continue using the site, or else you can check out these alternatives sites to read all the latest manga. That’s all for now. If you’ve any doubts regarding Mangahere then you can write down your questions in the comments section given below. I’ll try my best to answer them.

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