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Maleficent 3: Will Angelina Jolie Starrer Reprise?


David Mudd

Hey dear reader! Do you love to watch fantasy? Have you been wondering if there will be Maleficent 3? We have also been waiting for its reprise and here we are with all the latest news about it. Keep reading this article and we will not disappoint you.

Maleficent 3 is an upcoming threequel to the already premiered Maleficent and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. It features a dark fantasy theme and is officially announced as the third and final installment of the Maleficent franchise. So are you excited for Maleficent 3?

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Created by Walt Disney Pictures, Maleficent is exclusively a Disney Medis Franchise that started its journey in the year 2014 with its first theatrical release ‘Maleficent’. It was followed by a sequel in 2019 titled ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’. And now we have the most awaited threequel to it ‘Maleficent 3’ in early development stages.

Is The Trailer Out For Maleficent 3?

There has been no development for the trailer yet as the film is only confirmed to be in development stages. But Maleficent 3 is surely going to enchant the fans despite its scary thrillers.

Till then you can enjoy the trailer of the second sequel here and guess your ideas for the upcoming Maleficent 3.

What Is The Release Date For Maleficent 3?

There has been no official announcement for the release of Maleficent 3. But looking at the premiere of the previous parts, we can expect a release date in the year 2024, at the earliest.

Disney is actively working on Maleficent 3. While it is in the early development processes, you can still comfort yourself because after a long wait, the movie is finally happening. That’s not much of a wait, is it?

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What Would Maleficent 3 Be About?

Though there is no official news for the plotline of Maleficent 3, we can highly expect that there would be a union between Aurora and Phillip. There also might be a new villain on your screen this time. Sounds exciting, isn’t it? 

Disney is likely to create Maleficent 3 with more fantasy elements and an interesting story that will definitely make you watch it more than once. 

Maleficent 3 Ideas

Who Is The Villain In Maleficent 3?

As we stated that there is no official announcement of the plot, we can expect Queen Ingirth to be the antagonist in Maleficent 3 but this time with more strong powers.

Why Is Maleficent A Phoenix?

While saving Aurora, Maleficent gets hit by an arrow and immediately transforms into ashes. This incident saddens Aurora and she cries out loud. After her tears fall on the ashes, Maleficent reappears from the ashes and incarnates into a giant phoenix.

Why Did Maleficent Come Back To Life?

Maleficent was about to kill the villain Ingirth but she steps back when Aurora stops her. Taking advantage of this situation Ingirth shoots an arrow towards Maleficent which immediately transforms her into ashes. But Aurora’s tear drops bring Maleficent back to life but as a phoenix. She definitely revived to fight against the negative energy.

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Who Is Maleficent’s Real Daughter?

Maleficent is played by Angelina. Her real daughter Vivienne Jolie- Pitt was seen in the role of five-year old Aurora in the first film alongside her mother. However, she was not seen in the second sequel.

Is Maleficent 3 Confirmed?

Creators and Producers of Maleficent 3 have already hinted about its development process on the 19th of May, 2021. Also on the 24th of May in the same year, the writers Evan Spiliotopoulos and Linda Woolverton revealed that they are towards the last stage of drafting.

And finally on the 9th of September, 2021, Disney officially announced the threequel is in progress. So Maleficent 3 is confirmed for sure! Can’t wait, right?

Maleficent 3 Cast

Of course Angelina Jolie is to return as the most infamous villain in Maleficent 3 as well. But there is no other information about the cast because the makers have  not disclosed anything as such.

However, there are enough hints that suggest Maleficent 3 will have more live-action villains than the last part. Won’t it be now interesting to see how the story takes its turn in the third installment? 

Reception Of The First Two Movies 

Both the prequels of Maleficent 3 have done quite well and received a lot of praises for their storyline and visuals.  The first movie made a worldwide box office collection of $750 Million, while the sequel hit $491 Million.

Though the drop in the box office collection does not affect much. Fans are already excited for Maleficent 3 and can’t wait to enter into the world of dark fantasy for the last time.

That’s all for now. We hope this was helpful. Before we move further, we would love to hear from you! Tell us your guesses about the most awaited Maleficent 3!