Maleesa Mooney Found Dead! Mama-To-Be Was Stuffed Inside A Fridge After Murder In Her LA Apartment!


Chahat Rana

Mooney, a model and mama-to-be was brutally thrashed before her untimely demise. 

Maleesa Mooney, a savvy insta model, was found dead in her apartment. Her body was recovered by police on 12 September 2023. Her dead body was stuffed in a refrigerator. This horrendous sight immediately prompted a murder investigation. Mooney, 31, was found dead in her LA apartment. 

According to the L.A. County Department of Medical Examiner, her main cause of death was homicidal violence. Without findings to elucidate a clear mechanism of death or knowledge of the sequence of events leading up to Ms. Mooney’s death, the cause of death is deemed homicidal violence. The manner of death is homicide.”, said the Medical Examiner.

On 27 October, an autopsy report came out and revealed that the model was also pregnant. Her sister also claimed the same that Maleesa was 2 months pregnant when she was killed and thrashed inside a fridge.

Maleesa Mooney

The autopsy report revealed the state in which Mooney was found dead. She had several bruises on her body. Her wrists were tied together with some clothing and were forced back on her back. Her mouth was also gagged.  Was Britney Spears’s Best Song  About Pregnancy And Abortion with Justin Timberlake? Check it out now!

Was Drug Overdose the Cause of Death?

Cocaine and alcohol were also found in her system. However, these may not have a direct impact on her death. The medical examiner noted that the primary cause of her death seems to be a homicidal altercation. The injuries were not life-threatening but the state in which she was left inhibited her from doing anything for her survival.

The medical examiner went on, “ The blunt force traumatic injuries observed at autopsy are generally not considered life-threatening on their own. However, based on the circumstances of how Ms Mooney was found, these injuries suggest she was likely involved in a violent physical altercation before her death.”  Also read about How Justin Bieber’s Serious Health Condition Causes Marital Issues With His Wife, Hailey Bieber?

 Maleesa’s mother requested a welfare check on her daughter by police. The police found the Guyanese real estate agent and Instagram model, Maleesa Mooney dead in the abovementioned state. Maleesa was younger sister of Guyanese Pop star Jourdin Pauline, who took to Instagram the heart-breaking demise of Maleesa.

Maleesa Mooney

Another model Nichole Coats was also found dead in her LA apartment. This was two days before the Maleesa untimely demise. Both cases seemed to be connected, but police ruled out the possibility by stating, “no evidence to suggest that the deaths of Ms. Coats and Ms. Mooney are related to one another.”

Coat’s demise was ruled out as an accident as she had several drugs in her system with doses of cocaine and alcohol to be the most recent. 

Pauline also shared a GoFundMe page. The page paid tribute to Mooney as “an extremely sweet and generous soul.”

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