Major Grom Plague Doctor: Will There Be a Sequel to This Action Film?


David Mudd

Major Grom Plague Doctor, the incredible Russian action movie, has indeed been getting a lot of attention in Netflix’s TV rankings as well as overall Top 10, earning it an absolute must-watch for members.

Several people are interested in learning more about Major Grom Plague Doctor 2, as the exciting project is popular on streaming platforms.

Major Grom Plague Doctor, a gripping action movie created by Russian director Oleg Trofim as well as based on the titular Bubble Comics comic series of books, follows the exploits of famous officer Igor Grom plus his colleagues. It serves as a follow-up to that same 2017 short movie “Major Grom” from Bubble Studios.

The well-known action movie, which is inspired by the comic book series with the same name, features Police Major Igor Grom, a well-known enforcer of justice in St. Petersburg who consistently captures criminals with little difficulty.

However, when the Plague Doctor shows up to purge the town of its misery and remove the trash who are shunned due to their social position or wealth, everything changes.

Major Grom Plague Doctor is without any doubt a worthwhile undertaking for aficionados of the theme, especially since it has performed exceptionally well on Netflix. So it’s not surprising that people are asking if a sequel is planned.

What Will Be the Release Date of Major Grom Plague Doctor 2?

Major Grom Plague Doctor

Major Grom, the short movie that was intended to be a pilot effort even before a full-length feature was produced but was ultimately judged uncanonical, was the debut movie throughout the franchise.

Notwithstanding the movie’s popularity on the platform, there seem to be currently no formal intentions to produce a sequel. However, it is indeed crucial to keep in mind that there hasn’t yet been any official announcement that the series is ended.

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Even though it did well at the box office, Major Grom Plague Doctor’s success on streaming services may make a sequel to the film possible.

Major Grom Plague Doctor 2 has no confirmed launch date, as well as any information about the launch will probably come when it has been declared that a new installment is in the works. It took quite a while to produce the first edition, so it would be unclear how the next one will be released.

The first movie’s filming was completed in 2019, but it wasn’t released until 2021. Therefore, if one were to make anticipation, Major Grom Plague Doctor 2 might debut around 2024 if filming begins in 2022. Simply a Hunch.

What Will Be the Storyline of the Film?

Major Grom Plague Doctor

Moving beyond the short movie, the narrative starts with Grom pursuing a group of bandits along a busy highway. Grom gets results despite using illegal tactics.

Igor discovers himself in a challenging situation whenever the horrifying vigilante specter of something like the Plague Doctor appears wielding strong flamethrowers to punish the rich and teach them lessons.

Igor Grom, a police major from Saint Petersburg, is pursuing three bank thieves who are costumed in red sports suits as well as pretending to be evil hockey players from the famous Soviet cartoon Puck! Puck!. When he captures them and causes severe damage to property, his commander, colonel General Fedor Prokopenko, berates him.

The prosecution for “rich boy” Kirill Grechkin, who is suspected of fatally striking a girl using his car, starts shortly after that. Grechkin is found not guilty despite the evidence presented on him, while Lyosha Makarov, the deceased man’s brother, believes that the court was corrupted.

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The inventor of the social media platform Vmeste and IT millionaire Sergei Razumovsky’s acquaintance Oleg Volkov, who was brought up in the identical orphanage as that of the murdered girl, are both incensed by that the court’s ruling.

During the same period, recordings of the Plague Doctor, an assassin wielding flamethrowers as well as bombs who vows to “purify” the city of thieves, start to circulate online.

The movie’s conclusion appears to be well-rounded. Grom learns the worth of friendship, this same Plague Doctor is apprehended, and he returns to the ship. The Plague Doctor’s journey appears to have come to an end at the conclusion, but since he vows to return right away, viewers must’ve been considering the possibility of a sequel.

However, the Plague Doctor threatens to resurface in the conclusion. He would keep playing a significant part in the plot as Grom’s arch-enemy.

We are led to think that the premise of the sequel would use “The Game’s” arc as more than just a main narrative strand like a result of the Plague Doctor’s pledge. Throughout the plot of “The Game,” Razumovsky escapes prison and comes back to kill Grom’s family and friends as a form of retribution.

To provide the second a final identity, the writers might also incorporate additional storylines further into the equation. You can be sure that, if it were to occur, the successor, would be equally furious and tense.

Who Will Be Seen as the Main Cast Members in the Sequel?

Major Grom Plague Doctor

Throughout all probability, if a continuation were to be made, every significant cast member would return to their roles.

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This group consists of the main cast members, Tikhon Zhiznevsky in the role of Igor Grom, Lyubov Aksyonova, who will be seen playing Yulia Pchelkina, and Aleksandr Seteykin in the character of Dmitry “Dima” Dubin.

Aleksei Maklakov might play Colonel-General Fedor Prokopenko, while Sergei Goroshko might make a comeback as the Plague Doctor, along with other significant cast members. The movie will feature new antagonists and can anticipate seeing several new personalities.

Trailer of Major Grom Plague Doctor 2!

There is no trailer because the makers have not yet announced the film’s production. As for now, let’s enjoy the trailer of the first film, and hope for the sequel.


What is the IMBD rating of the movie Major Grom Plague Doctor?

The IMBD rating of the movie Major Grom Plague Doctor is 6.3/10.

What is the estimated runtime of Major Grom Plague Doctor?

The estimated runtime of the film is 2 hours and 16 minutes.

What is the original title of the film?

The original title of the film is Mayor Grom: Chumnoy Doktor.


Fans are calling for a sequel to that same thrilling Netflix Russian movie Major Grom Plague Doctor because it has intriguing superhero themes and components, a strong cast, an engaging plot, and a delightful visual encounter that will never become old.