Maitland Ward Reveals How She Was ‘Sexualized’ During Boys Meets World Set



Who doesn’t know Maitland Ward? The famous actress of Boys Meets World was one of the most popular actresses during her time. While she is already famous around the world, her journey is not. Maitland Ward has released her new book Rated X: How Porn Liberated Me From Hollywood which features her story throughout her career and how she used to be sexualized by the directors. 

Along with this, the actress had several interviews in recent times where she spoke about how her popular character Rachel made a significant impact on her. There is no wonder that the world still remembers her iconic characters because of the popularity of the show. There are still many people who binge-watch the series and since the show was already massive around the world, it leaves some significant scars in the life of the actress. Remembering all those incidents, Maitland Ward told in an interview how she was objected to on the set and was majorly a “sex symbol” for the directors. 

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In her book, she recalls all these unpleasant moments of her life during the time of Boys Mets Sex where she discusses all the uncomfortable incidents that broke out on the set. 

Maitland Ward She also recalls how her porn career has made marvelous growth of her career financially. When the topic of Boys Meets World came up, she recalled how she was “sexualized” on the set of the show. In her book, she also discusses all the incidents that remind of the incidents. 

“I was asked to try on lingerie for [BMW] producers in the office. This happened more than once, as Rachel was the only character to consistently take off her clothes. An assistant would gather me from my dressing room and take me upstairs where I’d be provided with a series of options, some playful and girlish, some so provocative I knew that Disney would never approve of them, but still I would try them on. I’d strip down behind a curtain so thin I’m sure they could see the silhouette of my naked form.”

In the show, she appeared in the sixth and seventh seasons of the show where she played the role of the roommate of two boys, Jack and Eric. She appeared as “Sexy Roommate” where both the roommate used to see her and stopped doing whatever in order to check it out. For the fans of Boys Meets World, it was one of the most iconic and hilarious scenes of all time. 

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However, the actress recalls that she was asked to wear lingeries and used to model in underwear that was away from the set. This was taken away form the producers and often puts lead uncomfortable. Nowadays, these situations don’t happen as time has changed and people have already started to open their voice against these situations but these things were pretty normal in the 90s. As per Rated X, she writes even famous showrunner Michael Jacobs was involved.

Maitland Ward

Maitland said, “As I changed, I could hear the group of them — mostly men — making small talk and laughing as an audience would before a show. When I stepped out, I was directed to stand in the center while they’d make their judgments on whether it showed too much or not nearly enough to get the boys excited. ‘You’re like a daughter to me,’ Michael [Jacobs] said, shaking his head, with a laugh of embarrassment. And then I’d be directed to try something else.”

With her book being released, the actress has been in constant touch with her fans. She has also been on a podcast, where she interviewed about her experience in the industry. She also briefly shared another experience in the industry and how it changed her life. Not only this,the actress is being on the podcast and has told that there were some of the people like Will Friedle who supported her path after the show concluded. 

Maitland Ward started her porn journey way back in 2013. The actress recalls that it was her curiosity to work on porn. However, as soon as she entered, it came out as a profitable business for her. Along with this, the actress has been on OnlyFans and this career path has opened many new doors for her. Coming out from Disneyland working on this platform, the actress said that she is in a good place right now. 

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Maitland Ward Updates

In an interview, she said, “This has always been a dream of mine. I just absolutely do my best under pressure and doing like all of the things that I love. I never want to focus on one thing, i love to do so many different things at once, like writing and cosplay and mainstream acting and porn, and it’s always been my intention to go back and forth between worlds, so it’s just amazing that the world is allowing me to do that because, in the beginnings, people would say, ‘You can’t do that. Nobody’s going to allow you to do that. Nobody’s going to take you seriously in the mainstream if you do porn, nobody’s going to want to hear your story.’ And I just kept going.”

She also told in an interview how reports worked and demean women by saying, “I don’t necessarily think it’s a conscious decision on the reporters’ part to demean women. Honestly, it’s what fans are interested in, they want to hear about the glamorous fashions and who’s with who. And I don’t think they’re asking men really deep, thought-provoking questions either, for the most part. If I thought that, I would definitely have a problem with it. There is a lot of scrutiny of women’s looks as opposed to men’s, which is unfortunate. I think that’s more the issue, why women are asked more about their looks than men.”

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