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Maine: 827 COVID-19 Cases Statewide, 2 Deaths, Mills Says Plan For Reopening Maine To Be Released Soon


David Mudd

Read ahead to know more about the situation of Maine State due to the coronavirus outbreak. Also, read ahead of the status of the United States due to the coronavirus. Furthermore, read ahead to know how Mills Plan to reopen the State.

Impact Of The Coronavirus On The United States

The United States is known for having world-class healthcare facilities. Furthermore, it sets a benchmark for healthcare services. However, the very same country is facing a shortage of medical staff and types of equipment.

Furthermore, the United States has the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the world. President Donald Trump regarded this virus as a common flue in the initial stage. Little did he know what it would lead to.

To date, the United States has 7,40,746 COVID-19 cases. 66,676 have recovered. However, 39,158 people have died in the country. Furthermore, New York and Washington have become the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the country.


Companies like Tesla, Google, Apple, etc are helping the US Government by providing medical support and types of equipment.

Status Of Coronavirus In Maine

As of 17th April 2020, Maine recorded 827 confirmed COVID-19 cases. Furthermore, out of the 827 COVID-19 cases, 133 people have been hospitalized and 352 have recovered. However, 29 people have died.

Maine ranks 44 in the list of States having several coronavirus cases in the United States. Furthermore, the Maine CDC reported that it has 321 intensive care beds, with 151 available. Also, it has 344 ventilators with 309 available.

Furthermore, the state also has 240 alternative ventilators. Also, Maine has recorded 14,000 plus negative coronavirus cases to date.


Mills Plan To Re-Open The State 

The Governor, Janet Mills announced guidelines for reopening Maine. Furthermore, she extended the civil lockdown from 15th April 2020 to 15th May 2020. Also, the state is accelerating pay increases personal care workers.


Portland, Maine’s most populated city has only allowed a certain group of people to move out of their homes. They include grocery store owners, restaurants doing carry-out, pharmacies, emergency services, and healthcare facilities. Thes rest of the state remains closed until further notice.