Maid Sama Anime: Will there be a Season 2?


David Mudd

Have you ever been to an all-boys high school? It’s pretty bad, especially when it’s famous for rowdy students.

Students that lack discipline is always behind, causing a ruckus. And that’s how Seika high school was in the Maid Sama anime series.

Then something unexpected happened. The all-boys school became a co-education School.

This arrival of girls completely changed the atmosphere of the school. Despite low numbers, Ayuzawa Misaki, a girl, gets appointed as the first School president.

Her position as the first school president has made her a role model to all the girls of Seika High. After getting high authority over students, she decides to turn everything around & make the school a better place for everyone. And she’ll do this by teaching a lesson to the boys who’re always involved in antisocial behavior. These boys are the reason behind the growing indiscipline.

However, the path preferred by her isn’t that easy as she has some secrets to hide. Secrets she would never let come out open.

Even though she has a dominant position in school, her personal life is quite the opposite of school life. To put in simple words, I would say it’s unfortunate.

She has an ill mother at home. So, to take care of her & manage family expenses, she works at a maid café. No one in her school knows about her job. And even so, she’s afraid to share her secret as she believes it’ll dampen her prominent role in Seika High School.

One day at the maid café, she bumps into one of the most popular boys at the school named Usui Takumi. From that moment onwards, she believed Usui would reveal his double life to everyone at school. However, what happens next puzzles, everyone. Instead of revealing Misaki’s truth to the world, he uses the truth as an excuse to meet her again & again to get closer to her.

Maid Sama Season 2 Release Date

Maid Sama Season 1 aired between April 2010 to September 2010 for 26 episodes. Since then, fans are doing their best to make sure they get to see Maid Sama Season 2.

In fact, fans have filed an online petition on against J.C. staff to release the second season. The active petition requires 25,000 active users to sign the petition. If you’re in support of Maid Sama Season 2, you can sign the petition form here.

Once the petition completes the target signs, the studio might review their decision.

Despite all this effort, we’re into a new decade, and there’s still no news on whether we’ll get Maid Sama Season 2 or not. I’ve lost all hopes. What about you? What do you think? Will there be Maid Sama Season 2? DO share your thoughts in the comment section given below.

Maid Sama Season 1 Review Complete Review

Before going ahead, here’s a complete review of Maid Sama Season 1 anime series.

Even though it’s been quite some time since I watched Maid Sama Season 1, however, still, there’s one thing that always comes to my mind first – It’s a damn hilarious and fun anime series.

Despite not having any serious storyline, the anime show manages to produce great laughs in each episode. Maid Sama Season 1 had 26 episodes & each episode was independent. No story follow-up whatsoever. I guess this factor alone played out in favor of the show & it received so much love from the anime fans.

Back in 2010, Maid Sama didn’t have that much fan following. However, as time passed, the anime world evolved with millions of new fans.

And a decade later, its popularity is at its peak as fans are running campaigns to continue producing the series.

Well, this much love would not have been possible without the awesome characters in the anime. Here the first honorable mention is Misaki Ayuzawa or Misa. She’s such a lovely character that no one misses a chance to root for her. In every episode, she’s portrayed as someone strong, hardworking, confident, financially weak, & pro-feminist woman in a boys-majority school.

Despite some challenges in her life, she’s trying her best to lead the boys from the front & inspire the girls to form a great future. She loves working at the Maid Latte but fears her reputation as School President might ruin if people at school found out of her double life.

After Misaki, the other honorable character is Usui Takumi – the high school legend. He’s dashing, charming, a school topper & an excellent sports player. Despite all these characteristics, his chemistry with Misaki was the highlighted part of the show. Despite zero-character development, both these characters were greatly defined for the anime show. And together, they formed magic on the screen.

No anime series is perfect. And the same goes for Maid Sama. It has its fair share of good & bad moments. I agree Maid Sama did great work in utilizing its main characters. However, what about the side characters. A series can’t be great if the side characters aren’t placed correctly.

In the Maid Sama Season 1, the makers failed miserably in justifying the side characters. Firstly, they didn’t get a chance to make a mark as their screen time was quite limited.

For instance, there’s one episode where Misa’s childhood friend Shintani makes an entry to the show. However, it felt like it was a failed attempt at filling several episodes. As expected, her character was poorly defined.

Maid Sama anime show ended abruptly as Misa & Usai were planning to propose to each other. Did you like the way the show treated its side characters? Let me know your honest thoughts in the comments section given below.

Will there ever be Maid Sama Season 2?

Now comes the main question – Will there be Maid Sama Season 2? If yes, then when we’ll get it?

Well, in my opinion, there’ll be no second season.

Let me explain my reasoning behind this:

Hero Fujiwara’s published the first volume of the maid Sama manga series in December 2005. Then after publishing 85 chapters off 18 Volumes, the series finally concluded in September 2013. Now that the manga series was well and done years ago.

  • Maid Sama Season 1 ran from April 1 to September 24, 2010. The first season concluded with 26 episodes & 2 specials. Now, it’s 2020. Earlier, I’ve seen many anime shows getting canceled or postponed because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. However, none of them had a 10-year gap with the previous season. So, that’s the first reason why there can’t be a Maid Sama Season 2.
  • Even though Maid Sama has quite a fun theme of Maid Café, it’s popular among certain otakus demographics. Historically, the anime series has been accused of being sexist. With these controversies already looming around the manga series, there’s no chance that we’ll be getting maid Sama Season 2.

Anime Similar to Maid Sama

My Little Monster

Like Maid-sama, this one includes a fun mix of romance and comedy, along with nutty unwanted characters.

Not to mention, it would not be a real shoujo with no love triangle in precisely the same sense of Maid-sama, however it is, in my opinion, a lot more light-hearted. The romance is a good deal less thick, but it’s still an enjoyable anime/manga.

Say I love you

This one relies more upon love and drama than it does comedy, though it does have its moments. There is a surprisingly large amount of emphasis that is placed upon unwanted stories and small characters and the way their problems effect the key romance.

The way the characters are handled is intriguing and also the difficulties feel more tangible than in most high school shoujo.

Sora Log

So far as I know, this one is only available as a manga, but the story is fairly close to Maid-sama in the type of struggles all the characters confront in their love and how they finally wind up tackling it.

It’s very sweet in a bitter type of way and there’s a lot that is happening behind the scenes. There’s definitely more drama and angst in it than humor, so it’s a much more serious tone to it than Maid-sama.

Hirunaka no more Ryuusei

I really don’t think this one ever got an anime adaptation – in the US – so this one may be manga only, also. I’ve mixed feelings about this one, but I’m putting it up here since it’s a fairly good manga.

My own conflicted emotions involving the love triangle has made me quite biased and given the somewhat illicit nature of part of this connection, I think it would for anyone.

Whatever the case, it is also a little more serious than Maid-sama, but concentrates on school life and the development of a rather awkward school girl who is learning to live on her own in Tokyo and finds love instead. It’s definitely worth peeking at, if nothing else.

Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou

It’s two powerful, smart (and dull ) male/female leads that always take shots at each other – while being kind-of-romantically involved in precisely the exact same moment. Regrettably it has cut short a little in the end, but it is a really exceptional and original, incredibly funny series, no matter. Highly suggested.

Yet another old but potentially intriguing option is the delightful Aishiteru ze Baby, which works its magic with a rowdy/rough (on the exterior ) male lead along with a milder but still opinionated feminine one – and an absolutely staggering quantity of uncooked, unabridged cuteness from the kind of the third principal character, Suzu.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Usui & Misaki get married?

A: In the anime, NO. However, they ended up marrying in the manga series.

Q: What is Misaki’s secret?

A: Well, she’s living a double life. At the school, she’s an inspiration to other girls. And when not at school, she’s doing a job at Maid Latte to support her ill mother & family. With the fear of losing her reputation, she tries to hide this important fact of her life.

Q: Does Aoi like Misaki?

A: Aoi developed a crush on Misaki. He was aware that she loves Usui. In the end, he decided not to confess his feelings to Usui.

Q: Do Usui & Misaki have a baby?

A: Once again, I would say this. They have a baby girl only in the manga series of Maid Sama. They’ve named her Sara Usui.

Q: Will there be Maid Sama Season 2?

A: I’ve said this before; I’ll say this once again. There’ll be no Maid Sama Season 2.  Read this complete post if you want to know the specifics behind this.

Q: Is Maid Sama anime available on Netflix?

A: Yes, you can watch the anime show o your Netflix Subscription. However, if you’re looking to watch it for free, these are some anime sites that you can use to watch all 26 episodes of the first season.

Final Words

The ending of Maid Sama anime wasn’t satisfying at all. That’s why there’s a huge demand for getting a season 2. The anime ended with Misaki & Usui proposing to each other, whereas the manga series ended with a happy ending.

If you aren’t too happy with how the Maid Sama anime show ended, I would recommend you to read its manga series using mangahere to get a perfect closure to Maid Sama.

That’s all for now. Would you read the Maid Sama manga series or still wait for its second season to air? And if you would like to wait for its second season, I once again request you to sign its petition filed at