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Maid in Manhattan is an American romantic comedy-drama movie from 2002. It was directed by Wayne Wang and was based on a story written by John Hughes under a different name. Jennifer Lopez, Ralph Fiennes, and Natasha Richardson all have roles in it. In the movie, a hotel worker and a politician with a lot of power fall in love. The movie came out on December 13, 2002, from Columbia Pictures. It did well at the box office, making $154 million on a budget of $55 million.

Maid In Manhattan Cast And Its Characters

  • Jennifer Lopez as Marisa Ventura
  • Christopher “Chris” Marshall is played by Ralph Fiennes.
  • Caroline Lane was played by Natasha Richardson.
  • Jerry Siegal is played by Stanley Tucci
  • Tyler Posey is Ty Ventura.
  • Frances Conroy as Paula Burns
  • Chris Eigeman as John Bextrum
  • Rachel Hoffberg, played by Amy Sedaris
  • Marissa Matrone as Stephanie Kehoe
  • Priscilla Lopez as Veronica Ventura
  • Lionel Bloch, played by Bob Hoskins
  • Cora, played by Lisa Roberts Gillan
  • Maddie Corman as Leezette
  • Clarice, played by Sharon Wilkins
  • Congressman Grey is played by Jeffrey Dinowitz.
  • Lily Kim as Di Quon
  • Barb played by Marilyn Torres
  • Keef Townsend as Lou Ferguson

maid in manhattan cast

The Plot

Single mother Marisa Ventura cleans the Beresford Hotel in Manhattan with her 10-year-old son Ty. Ty hangs out with Marisa’s hotel coworkers, who think she should be promoted.

Stephanie encourages Marisa to try on a Dolce & Gabbana coat while cleaning socialite Caroline Lane’s room. Lane requested its back to the store, but Stephanie claims it “technically” belongs to no one. In the hotel, Ty befriends senatorial candidate Christopher “Chris” Marshall, who likes Richard Nixon, the subject of his school presentation. Ty and Chris ask Marisa for permission to walk Chris’s dog in Caroline’s room. Chris instantly falls for Marisa, who is wearing an expensive coat. He assumes Caroline. The three go to the park. Marisa is drawn to Chris, but she is afraid management will discover the ruse and avoids him afterward.

Chris asks Lionel Bloch, the hotel’s chief butler, to invite “Caroline Lane” to lunch but is shocked when the real Caroline arrives instead of Marisa. Marisa gave Caroline “lunch à deux” fashion tips when she received the invitation. Chris hires Jerry Siegal to identify “the other Caroline Lane” and invites her to an important dinner when the actual Caroline arrives. Jerry asks Lionel to find her. Lionel advises Marisa to attend the dinner and quit the affair if she wants a career in hotel management. Stephanie and the hotel staff style her hair and provide her a beautiful dress and necklace for the evening.

Marisa stays in Chris’ hotel room, unable to end the affair. Next morning, Caroline and her buddy see Marisa leave Chris’ room. Caroline tells hotel management the truth and Marisa is dismissed in Lane’s hotel suite in front of Chris. Chris misses Marisa while they’re separated. The media and her disapproving mother Veronica harass Marisa.

Marisa gets another hotel maid job later. Chris has a press conference at the same hotel. Ty asks Chris if Richard Nixon’s mistakes should be pardoned. Ty takes him to Marisa’s break room. Chris and Marisa are reunited, and the film concludes with images of publications showing that Chris has been elected, they are still together after a year, and Marisa and her maid companions have been promoted to management.

maid in manhattan cast


The movie was first called The Chambermaid, and then it was called Uptown Girl. It was said that it was like the story of Cinderella. At first, John Hughes was going to direct the movie, and Hilary Swank was going to play the main role. Variety reported in July 2001 that Jennifer Lopez was in talks to play the lead role in The Chambermaid, which Hughes was no longer directing. Swank’s part in the movie was over. In February 2002, Ralph Fiennes agreed to be in the movie. In April 2002, Natasha Richardson joined the cast. In August 2002, the title of the movie was set as “Maid in Manhattan.” Lopez said the following about Marisa’s character: “She is from Puerto Rico. She grew up in the Bronx. She has a young son, and all she wants to do is get by. She takes the train to work every day. She goes to this big, dreamy city, but she wants more. She wants to do something like that.” His character started out as a rich British guest.

Principal photography began in April in New York City, just a few months after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, in which the World Trade Center towers were destroyed (some unused pre-production footage shows this), and ended in June 2002. Both the Roosevelt Hotel and the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York were used to make movies. Scenes were also shot on E 175 Street between Grand Concourse and Jerome Avenue in the Morris Heights neighbourhood of the Bronx. The story was written by John Hughes, but his name was given as Edmond Dantes. On the first day of filming in The Bronx, paparazzi and onlookers caused so much chaos that filming had to stop and the police were called. “No one in the production was ready for it,” said Wayne Wang.

maid in manhattan cast


Paul Simon’s “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard” plays during the opening credits. Teena Marie sings “Lovergirl,” Kelly Rowland sings “Train on a Track,” Norah Jones sings “Come Away with Me” and “Don’t Know Why,” Glenn Lewis sings Michael Jackson’s “Fall Again,” Eva Cassidy sings Paul Simon’s “Kathy’s Song,” and Amerie sings “I’m Coming Out.”

The Box Office

Maid in Manhattan opened in 2,838 theatres in the United States. It made $18.7 million in its first weekend, which was more than Star Trek: Nemesis, but not by much. It was number one at the box office, beating out Star Trek: Nemesis by less than $200,000. It made a total of $94 million in the United States and $60.9 million in other countries, giving it a worldwide gross of $154.8 million.

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