Magnum PI Season 6 [New Updates]: Potential Release Date, Cast, Plot And More



Are you waiting for the renewal of Magnum PI Season 6? Magnum PI Season 5 is officially here and fans are loving everything about the series. There is no wonder that the series is one of the most popular among the audience. Inspired by the classical Magnum PI, the reboot has been marked by humongous success among the people.

The American action drama television series was developed by Peter M. Lenkov and Eric Guggenheim. The popularity of the first season was enormous and the audience loved everything about it. The majority of already streaming the fifth season but we can’t deny that they are fans who want to know whether there will be a 6th season of the show or not. Here is everything you need to know about Magnum PI Season 6.

Magnum PI Season 6: Renewed or Canceled?

Are you waiting for the renewal status of the sixth season?  If you are one of those people who wants to know whether there is Magnum PI then you are at the right place. as Of now, the Officials are working on the release of the fifth season. The final episode of the show remains to be concluded.

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the officials have not yet disclosed anything regarding the upcoming season of the show. we don’t have any idea regarding the renewal status of the show because the series is currently hearing on the screen. once the show will get conclude, we will get an idea of whether there will be another season of the show or not. If the show Ends on a major Cliffhanger, we are going to see Magnum PI Season 6.

Magnum PI Season 6 Release Date: When is It Going to Release?

Magnum PI Season 5 It’s the first episode is on February 19, 2023. As soon as the show was released, people were excited to witness the storyline. The officials have already announced the release of the fifth season way back in 2022. Now coming to the major question which is regarding the renewal status of the sister season. As of now, the show makers have not yet announced whether there will be another part of the series or not. 

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If the show gets renewed before the end of this year, we will be likely to see Magnum PI in 2024 hours and 2025. Remember that this is not an official release date but rather a prediction about the show.

Magnum PI Season 6 Cast: Who Will Be in It?


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In the upcoming season, there will be Jay Hernandez and Thomas Magnum as the main lead. The sixth season is likely to bring Perdita Weeks as Juliet Higgins, Zachary Knighton as Orville “Rick” Wright, Stephen Hill as Theodore “T.C.”, Amy Hill as Teuila “Kumu” Tuileta, Tim Kang as Gordon Katsumoto,

Domenick Lombardozzi as Sebastian Nuzo, Corbin Bernsen as Francis “Icepick” Hofstetler, Christopher Thornton as Kenny “Shammy” Shamberg, Bobby Lee as Jin Jeong, Betsy Phillips as Suzy Madison, Jay Ali as Dr. Ethan Shah, Lance Lim as Dennis Katsumoto, Chantal Thuy as HPD Detective Lia Kaleo, Martin Martinez as Cade Jensen, Michael Delara as Gabriel Santos/M.E. Tech, and Michael Rady as HPD Detective Chris Childs.

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Season 6 is going to bring Kimee Balmilero as medical examiner Noelani Cunha, Taylor Wily as entrepreneur Kamekona Tupuola, Dennis Chun as HPD Sergeant Duke Lukela, Shawn Mokuahi Garnett as Flippa, Kala Alexander as Kawika, Larry Manetti as Nicky “The Kid” DeMarco,

William Forsythe as Private Investigator Harry Brown, Willie Garson as Gerard Hirsch, Beulah Koale as Officer Junior Reigns, Meaghan Rath as Officer Tani Rey, Katrina Law as Sergeant Quinn Liu, and Ian Anthony Dale as Officer Adam Noshimuri.  

Magnum PI Season 6 Plot: What Can We Expect With the Storyline?

The story of the show reads, “Magnum and Higgins weigh the risks of pursuing a relationship, Rick juggles being a new father and running La Mariana, and Katsumoto tries to figure out his next move.

Magnum and Higgins go undercover as lifeguards to solve a murder, Jin Jeong wins a storage unit auction and enlists the help of Rick and TC upon finding a stolen military medal. Katsumoto takes a job providing security for a chart-topping K-pop star; Higgins and Rick find themselves in peril while trying to help Rick’s friend; Magnum harbors suspicions about Capt. Greene’s death.

Magnum and Higgins search for a CEO who has mysteriously vanished, and Rick braces for a visit from his wild-child little sister, Ruthie. Magnum recruits Katsumoto to help find a missing tourist, Higgins, and Kumu attempt to solve the murder of a beloved dog, Rick enlists the aid of TC after he accidentally loses Magnum’s pet mouse, Roberto II. Katsumoto’s hearing date has arrived, and he will learn if his career in law enforcement is over for good or not.

Magnum and Higgins are hired to investigate a man their client believes committed murder; Rick’s suspicions grow in their relationship. Magnum and Higgins investigate the robbery of an elderly man suffering from Alzheimer’s; the ohana tries to help TC overcome past trauma.”

Magnum PI Ratings

Magnum PI  has mixed ratings from the critics but holds positive ratings from the audience.  If you are someone who likes to watch the ratings of the show then this section will help you to find out more about the series. 

Magnum PI has 6.1/10 IMDb ratings. The common sense media provided the series with 3/5 ratings. 

Coming to the audience rating, the Audience rating summary of the series is 4.5 stars/

Magnum PI Official Trailer

Are you waiting to watch the official trailer of Magnum PI? The official trailer for the sixth season is not yet released but if you are waiting to To hear The official trailer then here it is. by any chance you have missed the official trailer of the season then you can watch it here.

The show has already released 5 seasons so you are never going to be out with the content. Along with this, Magnum PI  is known as one of the best directive series on the internet. If you ask us, we are going to recommend this show to you!

Is It Worth Watching?

 If you are into action drama shows then Magnum PI is something you should try. The ratings are positive from the audience and the critics. The storyline of the series is marvelous and attracts the audience. If you are into shows that are filled with suspense and drama then this series is going to help you with it. The correct development and storyline of the series are amazing and worth Watching.

Where Can You Watch the Show?

Fans are waiting to watch the series and if you are one of those people who have not watched the show yet then this section is for you.  You can stream Magnum PI on Freevee, Philo, Prime Video, Vudu, or Apple TV.  The series is exclusively available on the streaming platform and one can watch the show by taking a subscription to the platform.

 If you need any more recommendations on the shows that are present on these platforms then continue reading more articles from our website. 


Fans are highly confident to meet the characters again in the sixth season because of obvious reasons. We can’t deny the fact that Magnum is one of the popular shows that was released on CBS and still getting normal success among the people. As of now, there Is no official detail regarding the renewal status of the. The fifth season of the show is currently streaming on television and after the conclusion of the show, we will come to learn about the 6th part. 

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