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Made In America Festival For 2020 Got Canceled By Jay-Z Due To COVID-19


David Mudd

This year Made in America festival got canceled by the creator Jay-Z himself. The decision was taken because of the not promising surge in the COVID-19 cases in many places. Besides, the event is conducted by both Jay-Z and his production company named Roc Nation. And it was all set to be conducted on Labor Day weekend in Philadelphia. After all, they rescheduled the whole event onto 2021.

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The cancelation is maybe because there is not much time left to the end of 2020. Besides, there are no promising future days that are expectable this year. The company let out the news through a statement on Wednesday, which was July 1. The statement says that “2020 is a year like no other. We are in a pivotal time in this nation’s history”. Beyond everything, the country is going alongside many problems. Collectively, people are fighting with different pandemics.

It includes the COVID-19 on one side but on the other side in the same path, there is racism along with police brutality. So, before anything that for the enjoyment of the people. The country need to become safe in every aspect. The company added that this is the time to take care of the health of artists and people. Besides, it is time to support those who need a helping hand in this unexpected crisis hit on the head.

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