Madden 23: Release Date, Trailer and Many More!


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When will Madden 23 Start to air? Is the release date for Madden confirmed or not for its 23rd release in 2022? Can we see the next instalment of EA Sports soon?

Let’s see what the future holds for Madden 23 and learn more about this Madden 23 as it is heard that 22 will release before Madden 23, so what do you think? Is it a coincidence or not?

The previous season of Madden came up with many features so in this also new features are expected like its previous one. If you know little about this Madden then you have heard about Campaign mode which makes the person or the character choose one of the colleges and play games from them.

Madden 23

The future of the game of the character mainly depends upon what they choose for them and which college they select.

Everytime with a gap this franchise mode is updated by adding new features in it.

So some of the fans who loved to play games gave their ideas to update this face of franchise mode and others so that updated versions will come to see.

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If you look backward in Madden 22 then these are new features or modes added in Madden 22 and these are-

Commissioner Tools improvements, better AI System, Coaching, new team Chemistry and many more. So the same is expected to see in Madden 23 and home advantage feature is also there which helps players by giving advantage to them when they play from their home field.

Madden 23: Release Date

When will Madden 23 be coming?

Madden 23

The expected date to come to the new Madden 23 is Friday, August 19, 2022.

But the official release date is not confirmed for Madden 23 and the expected date is most likely right because it always comes before or nearly the NFL season. So the same is expected and that’s why August is chosen to release Madden which is a few weeks before the start of NFL that mostly started at the end of August or starting of September.

So if we see it makes perfect sense or date to release Madden 23 on August 2022 because after that NFL season will start.

At the time of writing this article there is no Official release date for this one and it may come in June or July and even the trailer is also expected to come in June.

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Madden 23 Trailer

The previous Madden trailer released on June 16 and 17 so the same is expected for Madden 23 that is June 16 2022.

So, the trailer has yet to be announced in June 2022.

Till then watch Madden 22 official trailer which is given below-

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