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MacOS Catalina: Common Problems And How Can They Be Fixed?


David Mudd

MacOS Catalina is one of the most wanted things right now. Every Apple user is trying to get hands-on it. And it is worth it even. But the thing is that this also has a lot of problems. Many users are experiencing trouble while installing it or afterward.

In any case, you must fix these problems. It will ensure that your experience with it is uninterrupted and smooth. So read on to find the fixes of the problems that you’re struggling with.

How To Fix Installation Problems (MacOS Catalina)

You might suffer errors during installing the latest version of Catalina. Now, this is still a new software. So the problem might be with the servers. As everyone is trying to get their hands on this software, it can stress out the servers.

MacOS Catalina

So you can face errors during the installation of the update. Also, ensure that you have a good internet connection. If you’re on WiFi, make use of Ethernet cable to stabilize your installation.

Additionally, you can face issues if your Mac doesn’t have enough storage. You should have at least 15 to 20GB space free. This is because the update is of 6GB. So ensure that as well.

How To Fix Problems Related To Bluetooth

Now you might also face many issues with your Bluetooth section. Everything can be sorted very easily. All you have to do is go to your Bluetooth preferences in settings. There you can simply of the device that is creating the problem.

Then delete the device and repair it. For these changes to imply, you might have to reboot your device again. Other than that, everything should be good.

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How To Fix Sidecar Problems (MacOS Catalina)

The best thing is that now you can link your iPad with your Mac. And that makes everything seem so simple. But accessing it correctly can be a problem. Now the thing is that you should have a newer Mac for the Sidecar options.

MacOS Catalina

So, you can easily access the Sidecar settings on your Mac. Then you can connect it easily without any additional network. However, if you have older versions of devices, you can use other apps to do the same.

Now note that you’ll have to connect to a stable WiFi network for this. You cant rely on the internet connection of your iPad.