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Machine Gun Kelly Net Worth: How Much American Rapper Net Worth Is?

Machine Gun Kelly Net Worth

Machine Gun American rapper Kelly, whose real name is Richard Colson Baker and who has a net worth of $25 million, is also known by his stage name, Colson Baker. Baker has established himself during the course of his career as one of the most original and well-liked Hip-Hop musicians working in the music business at the present time. Baker has also achieved a great deal of success in the acting world outside of the music industry.

Machine Gun Kelly Early Life

Richard Colson Baker was born on April 22nd of 1990 in Houston, Texas. Both of his parents were missionaries while he was growing up, which meant that he frequently traveled with his family. As a child, the family spent time living in Germany, Egypt, and many other nations all around the world. In addition, Baker lived in many different US states. Eventually, he and his father laid down roots in Denver after his mother left the family.

Machine Gun Kelly Net Worth

As a teen, Baker was bullied and started fighting back using words. Eventually, he fell in love with rap and started to work on his own music. When his father left him to work for the Army in Kuwait, Baker lived in a neighbor’s basement and started experimenting with drugs. It was during this time that he recorded his first mixtape, Stamp of Approval. Baker eventually stopped going to school, prompting his father to take him to Kuwait to live there.

Machine Gun Kelly Career

After returning to the United States and completed his high school education, Baker successfully persuaded an MC management to assist him in launching his career. It was around this time that Baker decided to perform under the stage moniker “Machine Gun Kelly,” which was a tribute to the rapid rate at which he delivered his vocals.

After beginning their career in the neighbourhood, MGK finally made their debut at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. Additionally, he was a guest on the show “Sucker Free Freestyle” on MTV2.

After that, he distributed his second mixtape, which was titled 100 Words and Running. In spite of the fact that MGK was growing popularity around this period, he was still having trouble making ends meet. After his own father drove him out of the family home, he started working at Chipotle to make ends meet while he raised his own child on his own.

When MGK released the track “Alice in Wonderland,” he made a significant stride forward in his career. Before the release of his new mixtape, Lace Up, the tune helped him win a number of prizes and improved his level of renown.

One of the songs was performed during Cleveland Cavaliers home games as a tribute to the team, and it was the music that was played at their stadium. After such a tremendous run, MGK teamed up with Juicy J to create the single “Inhale.” In 2011, Sean Combs approached MGK and offered to sign him to the record company Bad Boy Records. MGK accepted the offer.

Lace Up, MGK’s first studio album, was eventually ready for release in the year 2012 and was given the title. The album included a number of well-known musicians, including DMX, Tech N9ne, and Twista, and it had such singles as “Invincible” and “Wild Boy.” In that same year, he worked with a number of different musicians, like as Pusha T and Meek Mill, to produce a mixtape that was titled Black Flag. General Admission was MGK’s second studio album, and it was finally released in 2015 after a number of significant delays.

The smash tune “Bad Things” was created by MGK and Camila Cabello in 2016, and they worked together on it. The dispute between MGK and Eminem reached a fever pitch in the year 2018. In a tweet from several years ago, MGK referred to Eminem’s daughter, who was then 16 years old, as “hot.”

Machine Gun Kelly Net Worth

After more than a year had passed, Eminem finally became aware of the tweet, which prompted him to produce a diss track in which he targeted MGK. As the fight dragged on, Eminem finally barred MGK from performing on the internet radio station that he owned and operated. “Rap Devil,” which MGK released in 2018, is considered to be one of his most successful diss tracks directed towards Eminem.

The year 2019 saw the release of MGK’s fourth studio album, titled Hotel Diablo. The album, which featured the songs “I Think I’m Okay” and “Glass House,” entered the charts at position number 5 upon its initial release. In the same year, he said that his subsequent album, which would be titled Tickets to my Downfall and would be released in the year 2020, would be a collaboration with Travis Barker.

Machine Gun Kelly Acting

MGK has made appearances in a variety of films, including Big Time Adolescence, Beyond the Lights, The Land, and Bird Box, among others. In addition, he has been seen on the MTV show “Wild ‘n Out.”

Machine Gun Kelly Personal Life

Emma Cannon was Kelly’s ex-girlfriend, and the two of them have a daughter together as a result of their relationship. Casie, their daughter, was born in 2009 to them.

He was formerly romantically involved with models Amber Rose and Sommer Ray. In May of 2020, he started a relationship with the actress Megan Fox.

Machine Gun Kelly Property

MGK moved into a brand-new home in Sherman Oaks, California, sometime in the early year 2020 and started renting it out. It cost $30,000 per month to rent the property.

In April of 2022, Machine Gun Kelly made the purchase of the old house that belonged to Logan Paul in Encino, California for the price of $7.5 million. Logan bought the home in October 2017 for $6.55 million and had been seeking $8.5 million when he listed it for sale. The home spans 30,000 square feet and contains 14 rooms; Paul completed a comprehensive renovation of the property shortly after acquiring it in 2017.

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