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Lyft And Pandemic: Lyft Offers Medical And Meal Delivery During Outbreak


David Mudd

Lyft offers medical and meal delivery services during coronavirus outbreak. Read ahead to know more.

Status Of Coronavirus Globally

World Health Organisation declares coronavirus as a pandemic. Except, Antarctica, all continents tested positive for coronavirus. Furthermore, to date, 318,636 are positive cases of coronavirus globally.

However, 13,674 people have died and 96,004 have successfully recovered from coronavirus. The vaccine for coronavirus is still in its testing face. You need to practice Social distancing and quarantining.

Lyft And Pandemic

Italy hits the worst from the coronavirus. Deaths in Italy have surpassed the number of deaths occurred in China due to coronavirus. Furthermore, the United States has 35,070 coronavirus cases. 458 people have died and 178 recovered.



Lyft is an American ride-sharing company. It comes under the Transportation Network Industry. Lyft is based in San Fransico, California, United States. Furthermore, Logan Green and John Zimmer are the founders of the company.

It was founded in 2012. Lyft offers car rides, bicycle-sharing, and food delivery services. Also, it has a mobile app which allows you to make bookings. Lyft operates in 644 cities in the United States. Also, it operates in 12 Canadian cities.

Lyft And Pandemic

Lyft has the second-largest ride-sharing market in the United States. The first is Uber.

Lyft Provides Medical And Food Delivery Services

The United States is seeing a massive rise in the coronavirus cases in the country. As a result,  the medical authorities are burdened and resources are scarce. Therefore, Lyft has expanded its transportation fleet.

They send medical supplies to people who are in need, especially the elder ones. Furthermore, it also sends meals for students who were dependent on universities or colleges for the subsidized meal plans.

Furthermore, Lyft is sending medical types of equipment to people who have chronic diseases. It also provides medical transportation for people who need urgent medical attention.

Lyft has expanded it’s medical vehicles and is serving as a second ambulance service in the country. Both Uber and Lyft are actively taking part in providing aids to concerned localities amidst the coronavirus outbreak.