5 Luxurious CS:GO Skins: Gold, Franklins, Leather


Mohit Kamboj

Style is very important. And while people are chasing skins that are simply very expensive and begin to brag about them, real swaggers buy beauty as it is: gold, genuine leather, trimmed wood, exotics, etc.

Here comes a compilation of truly luxury Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins that are perfectly combined with each other and hint: this baller knows how to play hard. The images are shown as an example. You can use images however you like

FAMAS Commemoration

Its handle is made of expensive wood and relief gold painting. With a FAMAS Commemoration in your inventory, there’s no need to buy any M4s: it’s still a good cheap gun but it also looks super fresh. The price is around $10.

The Franklins

Having all the money in the world feels… Well, we can’t tell, but probably someone will want to glue the Franklins all over the places. Actually, someone already did that with Glock-18 and P250. Who wuld have known that money can be so literally deadly? Available for $25 and $1 accordingly.

AWP Snake Camo

Expensive clothes, shoes and accesories are made of leather, so what prevents you from doing the same withing CS:GO? Here’s an AWP covered with the rarest snake skin. Starting from $70.

AK-47 Gold Arabesque

A golden AK. Leather handguard, painted magazine, rich gold color… What could be more expensive for show-offs like us? Well, it is pretty expensive, to be fair: $1300+.

AWP The Prince

Red velvet, golden swirls, mythology of the Middle East… AWP The Prince says in plain text: the owner of this skin knows only royal taste. Starting price: $3000.

The last two skins do not just look expensive, they are expensive. These also scream in the face of your rivals, declaring themselves. Try and get one to become the most important person in the party, no doubts.