Lukas Gage Relationship Status: There Are Tales About Lukas Gage’s Sexuality!


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You know him best from his important jobs in the HBO shows Rapture and The White Lotus, and he’s again making one more extraordinary appearance in a famous series. Lukas Gage shows up in the fourth season of the fan-most loved Netflix original series You.

In You season 4, Gage plays Adam Pratt, an American living in London and dating Woman Phoebe. He’s a struggling business person and speculator who’s the black sheep of his well-off family. The rich socialite may be one of the most interesting new characters in the season for… reasons.

On the attractive actor’s ascent to popularity, an ever increasing number of fans have become interested in his own life, which he figures out how to keep hidden notwithstanding being dynamic via virtual entertainment. Nonetheless, late posts on the Gage’s Instagram appear to propose he’s in a relationship.

Are Lukas Gage and superstar beautician Chris Appleton dating? Have the pair opened up to the world as a couple? Here’s everything we know such a long ways about their relationship, including their ages and their Mexican excursion!

Is Lukas Gage Dating Chris Appleton?

According to affirmed sources by means of JustJared, Lukas Gage and Chris Appleton are an authority couple! On Feb. 20, the pair each common photos of their joint get-away to the St. Regis Punta Mita Resort in Mexico, seemingly announcing their relationship to people in general.

Lukas Gage relationship status

In the remarks of the photos, which have amassed nearly 100k likes and included snaps of the pair in the sea and riding a four wheeler, their VIP companions shared their fervor, including Claudia Sulewski, Maude Apatow, and cosmetics artist Mary Phillips.

The ‘You’ Heart Breaker, Lukas Gage Has a Gripping Heartfelt History!

Now that the fourth season of You is here, one of the best new increases is remarkable new star Lukas Gage. He’s as of late been highlighted in probably the most-discussed series, like White Lotus and Love, Victor, and presently by joining the cast of You, he’s adding to his plate of unmistakable jobs. What’s more, regardless of who Lukas plays, he’s generally a heart breaker.

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In You, Lukas depicts Adam, who’s essential for “a circle of special douches,” according to You lead, Joe Goldberg.

Adam is “the warm, interesting, and hard-partying child of a well off family who is popular for failing to fulfill their guidelines.” Who better than Lukas could take on the job? Yet again we can’t resist the urge to ponder who he’s dating, so we’re diving into Lukas’ relationship history.

Lukas Gage Has a Relationship History Loaded With Different Reputed Ladies!

Lukas has been exceptional in Hollywood since his earliest jobs in 2014. In any case, he just turned into a household name in the previous year or something like that, so it’s challenging to follow precisely who he’s been linked to sincerely.

Lukas Gage relationship status

His most memorable public relationship was with YouTuber Claudia Sulewski, who’s presently dating singer Finneas.

The two were linked in 2016 when the two of them featured in T@gged, and the tweets put the verification in the pudding. Through a few photos shared together and tweets this way and that, joking about having children and saying “I love u,” they were either really enamored, or simply messing with us all. In 2017, tales recommended that Lukas was dating actor Emma Dumont, albeit that would have coincided with Lukas’ relationship with Claudia.

The equivalent goes for co-star Humdinger Antariska, who was likewise in T@gged. We can’t imagine that Lukas freely dated each of the three of these ladies immediately, however who’s to say?

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Hollywood can be a wild spot. Later on, during his experience on Happiness, Lukas was linked to co-star Maude Apatow as they shared photos and a greater amount of each other. Indeed, even still, it seems like Lukas has now settled down with his ongoing girlfriend.

Presently, Lukas Gage Is Dating His Current Girlfriend, Phoebe Fisher

Like Lukas, Phoebe Fisher is entwined in the entertainment industry, however she’s not an actor. A maker and essayist, Phoebe’s most recent works include I Know What You Did The previous Summer and Assassination Country, which highlighted both Maude and Lukas.

Lukas Gage relationship status

Phoebe likewise filled in as a maker on Elation, and the pair presently is by all accounts a really blissful couple. In light of their most memorable public Instagram photo together, they might have been dating as early as Oct. 2019.

There Are Tales About Lukas Gage ’s Sexuality!

In spite of Lukas Gage‘s numerous relationships, the internet actually loves to hypothesize about his sexuality. This could be because we as a whole need to date Lukas, or it very well may be because he’s played a few LGBTQ+ characters.

In White Lotus, Lukas’ personality has a seriously astounding (or would it be a good idea for us we say ass-stounding) sexual moment with inn chief Armond (Murray Bartlett), so it’s not surprising that there’s theory about Lukas’ sexuality.

Indeed, even still, it’s not anybody’s place to drive somebody to talk about this transparently, even actors and VIPs who find themselves at the center of attention. Truth be told, Lukas had one of the best clapbacks when one Twitter user insulted Lukas’ example of playing LGBTQ+ jobs.

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The tweet said, “On the off chance that Hollywood can stop hiring non-LGBTQIA+ actors like @lukasgage to play LGBTQIA+ characters, that sounds perfect. He has played four up to this point. One was sufficient.” Lukas immediately answered, “u don’t know my letter set.”

Over powered answered, “Then if it’s not too much trouble, edify the entire world.” Numerous users rushed to come to Lukas’ protection that nobody ought to have to uncover their sexual inclinations in request to be cast for certain jobs.

Lukas Gage relationship status

We’re simply appreciative that we get to see a greater amount of Lukas!

Season 4 of You is currently accessible to stream on Netflix.


Since 2010, Chris Appleton has maintained areas of strength for an honor winning career as a stylist.

He has worked with a few notable VIPs, including Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, and some more.

Before Lukas Gage and Chris Appleton’s relationship, Chris’ latest association was with American actor Derek Chadwick, with whom he had been dating since 2018.

The couple isolated discreetly on an unknown date. Likewise, Chris imparts two children to his ex Katie Katon.

American actor Lukas Gage is generally perceived for his work in the movies American Hoodlum, The White Lotus, You, and Happiness.

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