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Lucifer Season 7 Release Date: Coming or Not?

Lucifer is the most popular and one of the watched shows on Netflix and now all of us are searching whether Lucifer Season will come or not?

In this article we will discuss completely about Lucifer Season 7 as it is the popular show which is cancelled by Netflix after releasing its sixth season and it is one of the favourite shows of the audience which came to end after the sixth and the final one.

Now the love story in Lucifer comes to an end with its final season dropping on Netflix in 2021 by giving proper end to this fantasy drama.

Why is Lucifer Season 7 Cancelled?

lucifer season 7

You already know that Lucifer came to end after its original fifth season from the side of producers but it was picked by Netflix for one more season by switching its direction and giving the final season 6 to the viewers. It also claims that this season 6 is the final and the last season of this series and the season 6 came up with 10 more episodes.

It was also heard that Netflix may even pick a movie on this series but nothing or no words there to come till this time and nothing is cleared will the show be picked by another network after cancelling it for season 7.

But it is final that Season 6 is the last and the final season of Lucifer drama and contract is signed by producers and by cast to release its season 6 as the final one.

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Is There Any Spin-off of Lucifer?

Sorry, currently there is no spinoff or any movie is in production or in works for Lucifer.

All characters are concluded in the sixth final season.

Is there any Trailer for Lucifer Season 7?

No, as it is stated above that Lucifer season 7 is not coming as it was cancelled by Netflix by releasing and providing the sixth one as the final and the last season of this drama. So watch final season trailer which is given below-


Lucifer Season 7 is cancelled so there are no more seasons of this drama so you can watch previous seasons of Lucifer on Netflix and the complete series earned 8.1 ratings out of 10 on IMDB with decrease in its popularity along with 2.2 k user reviews written on it.

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