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Low Slow Exhale Season 2: Premiere Date! Who Are Going To Return in the New Season ?


David Mudd

Pam Veasey created Long Slow Exhale for Spectrum Originals and BET on February 8, 2012, and it premiered on February 8, 2012.

Veasey will executive produce the series for Paramount Television Studios alongside his former L.A.’s Finest co-stars Anton Cropper and Jon Dove, who will also executive produce the series. Cropper will also serve as the series’ director.

Made Up Stories is also produced by Bruna Papandrea and Casey Haver, who serve as executive producers. The first episode of the series premiered on April 4, 2022.

Affection for the series has been expressed by both fans and critics, who have lauded the series’ compelling plot and the dramatic performances of its talented ensemble.

As a result, everyone is looking forward to the release of the show’s second episode with great anticipation. Until further notice, this is all that we know about the second season of “Long Slow Exhale.”

Long Slow Exhale Season 2: Cast

With the exception of Rose Rollins, who is most known for her role as Tasha Williams on TBS’s The L Word, the series also features actors from other television shows.

During the show, her character, J.C. Abernathy, serves as the head coach of a female football and basketball squad. Among her co-stars in the film are Ian Harding, who plays an assistant coach, and Josh Lucas Hillman Ford, who portrays the university’s athletic director.

Garett is performed by Lyric Bent, and Abernathy is played by Shalini Bathina in this production (Emily). If the show is brought back, all of the actors will reprise their roles. We can also anticipate the addition of new artists to the series.

Long Slow Exhale Season 2 Plot

Low Slow Exhale Season 2

During the first season of the programme, the Clayton Hall Cougars of Coach J.C. Abernathy successfully defended their championship title. Meanwhile, Shannon accuses assistant coach Eddie of sexual abuse as the two men prepare for their forthcoming confrontation.

Because she is also having an affair with Eddie, J.C. is forced to choose a side as a result of the accusation. Hillman Ford, the athletic director for the teachers, is a formidable opponent.

Eddie’s advancement has been denied by J.C. since it would jeopardise her position at the company. This puts a lot of strain on her and the college administration, but more and more women are coming forward to share their sexual assault stories.

In order to clear the air, J.C. launches her own inquiry into the matter and Hillman’s tumultuous background, which she hopes will bring the matter to a conclusion. In the meantime, the staff players are dealing with their own personal family problems and personal challenges while training for upcoming competitions and tournaments.

J.C. may be able to explain the riddle surrounding sexual charges before the end of the season, but she and her husband Garrett appear to be the only ones to be held responsible for Hillman’s murder.

The impending second season will very certainly pick up just where the first one left off, exposing how J.C. and Garrett deal with the dilemma they’ve found themselves in during the course of the season. In addition, additional information about Hillman’s life will be disclosed, as will the part played by the alternative school teachers in contributing to his lack of a fulfilling existence.

All of the characters’ disagreements with their father and stepmother, Shannon’s desire to press charges, and Garrett’s reaction to his partner’s infidelity with Eddie have the potential to be plot lines in the show. In addition, there may be other plot twists and turns employed.

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Long Slow Exhale Season 2: Premiere Date

In spite of the show’s rave reviews, it has been less than a month since it launched on Netflix. The official channel as well as the show’s producers have yet to confirm whether or not a second season is in the works.

Low Slow Exhale Season 2

As a result, it could be some time before we get any official updates from the show, as the producers will need to monitor how high the ratings are increasing, as well as the negative reviews from reviewers.

By the 13th of March in 2022, the show had received a 7.5/10 rating on IMDB. It’s only fitting that we get another fix from the addicting controversy that surrounds the women’s basketball team. If the show is renewed for a third season, the following chapter could be aired in 2023 or 2024, depending on when it is originally scheduled to air.

Long Slow Exhale Season 2: Trailer

It is likely that a trailer for the second season will not be produced for a long time, but there is a better choice in the meantime: keep an eye out for the remaining episodes of the first season, which are expected to be released before May.

Where Can I Watch Season 2 of Long Slow Exhale?

Long Slow Exhale season 2 is not available on any OTT platform.

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