Take Dive Into: The Life, Love Story And Struggles Of George Takei And Brad Altman As LGBTQ+ Couple!!


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Get to know about the love and romance of the gay couple George Takei and Brad Altman, and how they met and fell in love. Get an insight into their relationship despite the struggle of being an LGBTQ couple.

George Takei And Brad Altman Meet Each Other

In the 1980s, George and Brad met each other at an LGBT club called LA Frontrunners, where they were both runners. George recounted in 2017 that he approached Brad and asked him to train him for his first marathon. Brad, who described George as a “hot guy” in a 2020 interview with Howard Stern, became George’s partner soon after.

George Takei And Brad Altman Working Together

In a podcast with the couple in 2019, Brad revealed that he became George’s business partner in the early 1990s after moving from finance journalism that helping George with the PRs. He added that George needed someone to ensure that things got done so that he could be a visionary and artist, while I took care of the details. Gradually, I became his business manager,” he said.

George Takei Come Out

George made headlines in 2005 when he revealed his s*xual orientation to Frontiers magazine. According to the Associated Press, he made the decision because times had changed since he was a teenager and he was embarrassed about his s*xual orientation. George went on to say that the current political climate has made gay marriage a topic that was previously unthinkable.

George Takei and Brad Altman Plan To Get Married

George’s announcement of his plans to marry his longtime partner Brad Altman was posted on his website just one day after the California Supreme Court lifted its ban on gay marriage. The message reportedly declared that their California dream had come true and that Brad Altman and he were legally married.

George Takei And Brad Altman

It further stated that they were ecstatic and that the roadblock to full marriage rights for same-s*x couples had finally been removed, which made them equal to all of their state’s citizens.

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In a subsequent episode of his podcast, Oh Myyyy Pod, he recalled that they were eating lunch at home when they discovered that the California Supreme Court had decided in favor of marital equality. He further recalled that Brad then slipped out of his chair and was on the floor asking George to marry him. George replied that he was going to ask Brad the same thing.

George and Brad Get Married

George married his partner of 21 years on September 14, 2008, at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles, California. According to NBC, the wedding ceremony included cultural elements from a variety of backgrounds, including a Buddhist priest, Native American wedding bands, and a Japanese kopo harp and bagpipes.

George’s Star Trek friends Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols also attended the ceremony as best man and best lady. The outlet published George’s handwritten vows to his partner, in which he promised to take care of him as he had cared for him and to love him as his husband and the single man in his life.

Brad Takes The Surname Of George

It was revealed by George that two years after their wedding, Brad changed his surname to Takei. According to George, he had suggested that Brad should hyphenate his last name, but Brad believed that George’s surname would fit him more. George told Access Hollywood that he had argued with Brad on this matter, but Brad insisted on changing his name to Takei.

George and Brad Big Screen Debut

George stated that his documentary, To Be Takei, which featured his spouse, was intended to be a tool for activism and to show fair-minded Americans that same-s*x couples are like everyone else.

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In an interview with The Wrap, he explained that the aim was to provide access into their private lives and illustrate that the LGBT community is no different from the rest of the culture dominated by opposite-s*x couples. He expressed hope that the documentary would encourage fair-minded people to reconsider their views on discriminating against the LGBT community.

George and Brad Awarded For LGBTQ Work

In 2014, both George and Brad were presented with the International Vanguard Award for their work advocating for the LGBTQ+ community.

George Takei And Brad Altman

During the award ceremony, George took the opportunity to express his love for his partner while they were both on stage, stating that he felt very fortunate to have the love of his husband, who was also his professional partner in life. He went on to say that they built their lives and careers together, and he felt blessed to be gay.

George and Brad Share Their Personal Life

In 2015, George and Brad created a web series called It Takes Two, in which they shared their personal lives with their viewers. The show featured them discussing and debating internet memes, supporting each other, and even dressing up as the characters Samantha and Darren from the TV show Bewitched.

George Takei Still Misses Being A Father

On Father’s Day 2021, George touched hearts around the world when he revealed that one of his unfulfilled ambitions was to become a father. In a tweet, he expressed regret for never having children, especially given the social and legal barriers that gay men of his generation face.

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George delved deeper into the issue a month later during an interview with Howard Stern, stating that he and Brad had wanted children but felt it would be unjust to raise them without legal protections. They also believed that by the time society became more accepting, they were too old to start a family, so they chose to travel through life alone.

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