Love Song For Illusion Episode 8, 9, 10 & 11 Release Date: What Can We Expect From The Much Awaited Chapters?


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Based on a Naver webtoon of the same name by Vanziun, Love Song for Illusion is an ongoing South Korean television series. The series stars Park Ji-hoon, Hong Ye-ji, Hwang Hee, and Ji Woo. The series has managed to earned decent fan base and hence, you are here wanting to know what can happen next episodes?

In this article, we are going to talk about Love Song For Illusion Episode 8, 9, 10 & 11 Release date since fans of this drama are getting very excited about the plotline and more, we are ready to explore everything about its upcoming episodes with you. Keep reading to know all the latest updates! So, what are you waiting for you? Let the article begins.

Love Song for Illusion Quick Facts

  • Based on: Love Song for Illusion by Vanziun
  • Genre: Fantasy
    Period drama
  • Developed by: KBS
  • Written by: Yoon Kyung-ah
  • Directed by: Lee Jung-seop
  • Producers: Kim Hyung-joon
    Lee Eun-jin
    Park Choon-ho
    Nam Goong-jung
    Kim Chul-min
  • Cinematography: Kim Gwang-soo
    Lee Joo-hoon
  • Editors: Lee Re-ne
    Kwon Da-hae
  • Starring: Park Ji-hoon
    Hong Ye-ji
    Hwang Hee
    Ji Woo
  • Music by: Choi In-hee
  • Country of origin: South Korea
  • Original language: Korean

Love Song For Illusion Episode 8, 9, 10 & 11 Release date

Love Song For Illusion is a popular series, Starring Park Ji-Hoon and Hong Ye-Ji, Love Song for Illusion episode 8 and 9 have released on January 29, 2024, and 30 January 2024. on KBS. Two more episodes, episode 10 and 11, are on the way as Love Song For Illusion Episode 10 will be released on 05, Feb, 2024. Last but not the least, Episode 11 of Love Song For Illusion will be released on Tuesday 6th February at approximately 10:10pm (KST).

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Love Song For Illusion Episode 8, 9, 10 & 11 Release Date

Love Song For Illusion Episode 8 & 9 Recap

Did you remember what events took place in the previous episodes of the show? Well, we are here you to give you a gentle reminder for the series’ episode 8 as well as 9.

In Episode 8 of “Love Song for Illusion,” Ak-Hee clandestinely departs from the queen’s quarters at midnight. In their meeting, he assures her of his fidelity to the queen. Despite this, Kyera implores him to honor his responsibilities as both a husband and a king. Ak-Hee’s emotions and he realizes that Kyera’s affections lie not with him but with Sajo Hyeon.

In the ninth episode of “Love Song for Illusion,” the main lead becomes cognizant of being trailed by unknown individuals. She encounters members of the Wind Knives and skillfully convinces the guards of Sajo Yung that she has severed connections with the rebel group.

Concurrently, King Sajo Hyeong expresses his discontent at the royal court, vehemently criticizing officials for exerting pressure on him to escalate taxes. You can also read more series here such as SkyMed Season 3, and Encounter Season 2 Release Date.

Love Song For Illusion Episode 10 and 11 Expect Plot

Are you looking for the plot of Love Song For Illusion Episode 10 and 11? Well, we understand the excitement among readers in order to know of what events may take  place in the upcoming seasons. We would like to inform our readers that the official plot isn’t out yet. The official plot for LoveSong For Illusion Episode 10 and 11 are unavailable as of now.

However, based on previous episodes, what we can assume is that we can expect many turning events in the upcoming chapter. It will continue from where it had left off. Are you excited?

How Many Episodes Will Love Song For Illusion Have?

Love Song For Illusion is expected to have 16 episodes in total, with two episodes releasing a week. We have few more episodes to be out. How many episodes were you expecting? Let us know.

Love Song for Illusion Cast

  • Park Ji-hoon as Sajo Hyun / Ak-hee
  • Lee Joo-won as young Sajo Hyun
  • Sajo Hyun: the intelligent and multi-talented crown prince who works as a fashion designer at a downtown boutique while hiding his real identity.
  • Hwang Seok-jeong as Chung-ta: a mysterious shaman with many personalities.
  • Hong Ye-ji as Yeon Wol / Consort Eun-hyo: the royal descendant of the fallen Yeon dynasty.
  • Kim Soo-ha as young Yeon Wol
  • Hwang Hee as Sajo Yung: Sajo Hyun’s half-brother.
  • Ak-hee: Hyun’s alternate personality who is charming but is cursed to feel extreme pain whenever anyone touches him.
  • Ji Woo as Crown Princess Geum-hwa / Jin Chae-ryun: Sajo Hyun’s first wife.
  • Kim Tae-woo as Sajo Seung: Sajo Hyun’s father.

Where to Watch Love Song for Illusion?

The series premiered on KBS2 on January 2, 2024, and airs every Monday and Tuesday at 22:10 (KST). It is also available for streaming on Wavve in South Korea, and on Viu and Viki in selected regions. Kindly watch the show via official sites only. It is important to give credits to the original creators. What are your thoughts on this?

Why You Should Watch Love Song for Illusion?

If you find pleasure in the sense of romantic dramas, where convoluted plotlines intertwine with character development, and unforeseen twists add depth to the narrative, then considering giving it a try could be worthwhile for your viewing preferences. You can give it a try if you are really interested in watching something that goes well with your taste and prefernces. What do you think? Are you going to give it a trail? If yes, let us know how did you find it.


Love Song for Illusion is an ongoing South Korean television series which is available to watch on Wavve in South Korea, and on Viu and Viki in selected regions. The upcoming episodes, 10 and 11, will be out on 5th and 6th Feb 2024. These episodes are making the series even more fascinating to watch. If you want to watch it, what are you waiting for? Enjoy watching the show.

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