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Let’s explore all the latest update about the Netflix film, Love like the falling petals.

When was Love like the falling petals? Who stars in the Love like the falling petals? What is the plot of the film? Where can one watch it? Is it a good film to watch?

If you also want to know the answer of the questions mentioned above, then go through this article. Here’s everything you are searching for. Let’s have a look on what we have found out for you.

About Love Like The Falling Petals

Love Like the Falling Petals is a 2022 Japaneses drama romantic film, directed by Yoshihiro Fukagawa and written by Keisuke Uyama, Tomoko Yoshida. The Stars Kento Nakajima and Honoka Matsumoto. It was relesaed on March 24, 2022 on Netflix.

The technical crew includes for music direction, cinematography, and editing. Keep reading to know more of Love Like The Falling Petals.

Love Like The Falling Petals

Love Like The Falling Petals Quick Facts

Directed by Yoshihiro Fukagawa
Written by Keisuke Uyama
Tomoko Yoshida
Starring Kento Nakajima
Honoka Matsumoto
Production company Toho Studios
Distributed by Netflix
Release date March 24, 2022
Running time 128 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Love Like The Falling Petals Cast

  • Kento Nakajima – Haruto Asakura
  • Honoka Matsumoto – Misaki Ariake
  • Kento Nagayama – Takashi Ariake
  • Yuki Sakurai – Ayano Yoshino
  • Shuntaro Yanagi – Kenzo Takanashi
  • Yumi Wakatsuki – Makoto Ichikawa
  • Jun Kaname – Doctor Kamya
  • Hidekazu Mashima – Manager Tsuji
  • Mitsuhiro Oikawa – Kyosuke Sawai

Love Like The Falling Petals Plot

The story revolves around the central characters; Haruto, A budding photographer, and Misaki, a skilled hairdresser. Haruto falls in love at the first sight of her. Misaki tells him that he is her first client, Haruto hides the truth and introduces himself as a photographer.

Haruto becomea her regular customer and decides to ask her out on a date. He tries to ask while getting his hair cut However he could not as he moves his head and leads her to cut his earlobe.

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Misaki, a few days later, meets with Haruto to apologise for what she did. Haruto did not give up and decides to give it a try one more time and that is when he finally asks her out on a date. Misaki says yes.

They finally go on the date to see cherry blossoms. Haruto then reveals that he lied about his photographery. As a result Misaki gives him advice to not give up on his passion and pursue a photography career. Haruto takes her advice seriously. He gets a job at a photo studio.

The pair continuous go out together and start spending time together. When everything seems alright suddently something happens that break the sweet love of Haruto and Misaki. What do you think? What happens next?

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What happens is, Misaki finds out that she is diagnosed with progeroid syndrome, a disease that ages her extremely fast. This leads her cuts Haruto off. She quits her hairdresser job. She starts pretending to be with someone else and working somewhere else. It breaks Haruto’s heart. He tries to move on by focusing on his work.

Misaki, along with her brother go for electromagnetic therapy, which was done by an external clinic. Unfortunately it was revealed that the therapy was fake and the clinic was scamming their patients looking for hope. Nothing works out, her disease continues to age her. She loses all the hopes in life.

Love Like The Falling Petals Ending

Misaki tries to find Haruto at the studio during her final days. She has got one more season left but she tries her best to see Haruto one last time. When she finds out about Haruto’s photography career, she writes him a letter to let him know how happy she is that he pursued photography. However, he reads this letter after meeting Misaki one last time.

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It breaks heart to see whem Misaki visits to the studio, she falls over from exhaustion. Haruto helps her up, and asked “are you okay ma’am?” unfortunately, he doesn’t recognize her during her final days but Misaki at least gets to see her lover one last time.

Love Like The Falling Petals Trailer

Here is the trailer of Love like the falling petals. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, We are sure that this trailer will make you watch the movie.

Where Can I Watch Love Like The Falling Petals?

Like The Falling Petals is a netflix show and you can easily find out it on Netflix. It is currently available on Netflix.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Does love like falling petals have a sad ending?

Love like falling petals ends on an emotional note. Haruto continues to pursue photpgraphy career and takes photographs exactly the way she wanted him to. Haruto always remembered Misaki through the cherry blossoms that bloom during spring. It reminds him of her.

Is there any novel of love like falling petals?

Yes, the novel is written by Keisuke Uyama.

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