Love Is Blind Season 2 Episode 10,Are The Couples Still Together


Aditi Narendra

The season 2 finale of Love Is Blind is finally here after a month of highs and lows. Danielle and Nick, whose relationship has been somewhat turbulent, are the first couple to approach the altar.

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However, Danielle has said “I Do” after careful thought, unending commitment, and love. Nick must now make a decision regarding the future of their relationship. Will they get married and demonstrate that love is truly blind as the first pair to get engaged in the pods?

Deepti And Shake’s Wedding

After a long-awaited break, Nick will finally choose whether to accept Danielle as his legally married wife. Nick says “I do” while taking Danielle’s hand and looking her in the eyes. After exchanging their first kiss as husband and wife, they enter the church as Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Thompson.

Love Is Blind Season 2

When it comes to their emotional connection, Shake and Deepti appear to be certain that the right time has come for them to get married. Shake has repeatedly emphasized that there isn’t nearly a physical relationship between him and Deepti. Shake and Deepti take their positions on the altar while both wearing traditional Indian attire. First, the officiant asks Deepti if she will accept Shake as her husband. She claims, “I expect someone who knows for sure, so I’m going to choose myself and say no.” Deepti demonstrates to her admirers across the world that a spouse must love you unconditionally for a marriage to succeed. Deepti is a loving, sensitive, and self-worth queen.

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Shake accepts the news much better than he had anticipated, acknowledging that he and Deepti will always be close friends and that he is relieved that he was not the one who had to make the choice. Watch out, Shake; your pre-Deepti persona from the pods is returning!

Natalie And Shayne’s Wedding

Natalie admits that she and Shayne had their largest fight to date the night beforehand as she approaches the location of her wedding. He responded by spewing harsh remarks at her after she implied he had consumed too much alcohol, leaving her perplexed and wary. Shayne acknowledges that he made some inappropriate statements, but he blames them on his incessant need to justify himself. He still has feelings for Natalie, though, and wants to wed her.

Shayne declares his commitment to Natalie and tells her up on the altar how much he loves her. When Natalie’s moment comes, she regrettably informs Shayne that she can’t marry him, citing the problems they still need to resolve. Natalie acknowledges that she feels a weight lifted realizing she made the correct choice as Shayne walks away dissatisfied and angry.

Sal And Mallory’s Wedding

Tiffany, Mallory’s sister, surprises her by showing up to support her on her wedding day. Mallory assures her loved ones that she is certain that she and Sal are a match and expresses her optimism for a successful day. Sal, on the other hand, acknowledges that he isn’t sure yet and that he’ll know for sure when he sees Mallory making her way down the aisle.

Love Is Blind Season 2

Tears fill his eyes as he stood at the altar and looks at Mallory. Sal refuses when the officiant questions if he’ll welcome Mallory as his wife, stating that he needs more time. Sal addresses Mallory’s loved ones in his customary and courteous manner, saying them he was only able to give her his best genuine self and appreciating them for being there for him.

Sal learns that Mallory wasn’t entirely certain of her response if Sal had addressed the question first. He responds that he needs more time but would want to take her on a date to start in order to increase their mutual communication and trust. She then asks him if he would like to explore a relationship with her.

Iyanna And Jarrette’s Wedding

Jarrette is awestruck by Iyanna’s beauty as she walks down the aisle, and she leaves him speechless. Following their vows, Jarrette’s father queries Jarrette about if he has decided to keep Iyanna as his wife forever. Jarrette chuckles, “I do, I do, I do.” Iyanna agrees and beams a devilish smile as they hold hands as Mr. and Mrs. Jarrette Jone.

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Many families experience a range of feelings as the second season of Love Is Blind comes to an end, including joy, sorrow, and relief. None of the competitors, however, feels the weight of regret following their wedding day because they are all true to who they are. Even if some of the couples, like Sal and Mallory, did not end up getting married, the study’s success is clear. Sal queries, “Is love blind? “