Love & Gelato: Top Characters That Make This Rom-Com Movie a Wholesome Journey!


David Mudd

The YA book Love & Gelato written by Jenna Evans Welch, which is presently the best-selling title in Amazon’s “Teen and Young Adult Clean and Wholesome Romance” genre, was made into a Netflix film and got it’s premiered on 22 June 2022.

Lina, a newly graduated student, is the main character of the novel. Lina goes to Italy to fulfill her mother’s final request, and she made a vow to spend the summer before college in Rome, whereupon she immediately fell in love with the city, the people, as well as the “gelato.”

It is undoubtedly a standard rom-com genre with many adorable elements, and it is fun to watch.

The film is remarkable because of the characters, not just the lovely storyline. Fans can’t help but fall in love with the cast of Netflix‘s Love & Gelato, which includes sweet Italian guys and lifelong friends who live far apart. So, here are the best characters of the movie that are just a delight to watch.

Susanna Skaggs As Lina

Love & Gelato

Lina, who serves as Love & Gelato’s protagonist, is endearing. Given her lovely and awkward demeanor, it’s difficult not to love her. Fans can’t get enough of her, even though she may be annoying at moments, including when she’s sulking around instead of taking in Rome.

But the fact that she is a girl who is aware of her value has been one of the grounds she makes such a fantastic protagonist in what seems like a teen film.

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When she learns about Alessandro, she takes immediate measures to face him rather than wallowing in self-pity. She is propelled ahead by that fire, which serves as a constant reminder to never give up on her desires for others.

Owen McDonnell As Howard

Love & Gelato

The most memorable personality throughout Love & Gelato might be Howard. He is among the first individuals to greet Lina in Rome and he’s doing it with arms wide open because he is Francesca’s cousin.

He can, for one time, let Lina believe he is her father, and only because he doesn’t want to disclose to her something Hadley would not like him to learn.

After they overcome that obstacle, Howard unquestionably stays at Lina’s side again for the remainder of the film. He truly stands out along with the nicest guy throughout the entire film, especially at the moment where he assures Lina that he’d be honored to be her parental figure if she had been looking for one.

Tobia De Angelis As Lorenzo

Love & Gelato

Lorenzo is indeed a part of the love triangle within Love & Gelato, which is a feature common to every good teen film. He not only runs into Lina inadvertently, but he gets into a fight with Alessandro, building up some of the best love triangles for the remainder of the film.

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Lorenzo, though, proves to become one of the greatest characters Lina befriends and would be more than simply a pawn in some kind of a love triangle. Fans can forgive Lorenzo even though he would keep his girlfriend a secret from Lina since he prioritizes their friendship over anything else.

Valentina Lodovini As Francesca

Love & Gelato

Francesca is indeed the ideal godmother, therefore she is not even in need of magical abilities. Whenever Lina’s mother visited Rome for the summer as a teenager, she first met Francesca, and indeed the two have been great friends since then.

Francesca has already been given the responsibility of ensuring Lina appreciates and celebrates her stay in Rome because now Hadley had left.

Francesca, as with all godmothers, would be there to push Lina outside of her comfort bubble as well as to offer a shoulder to lean on when circumstances don’t turn out the way they planned. She provides a parental presence for Lina throughout the film, making her an excellent candidate for a mother.

Anjelika Washington As Addie

Love & Gelato

Contrary to other teenage girls who might feel envious that one‘s best friend is visiting Rome by herself, Addie seems to be the one enthusiastically persuading Lina to go there and enjoy herself. Addie is unquestionably a few of the greatest best friends there are.

She routinely checks in along with Lina via FaceTime to urge her to be youthful, enjoy the experience, as well as follow her passion. She is as supportive as she would be because of thousands of kilometers away.

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Nevertheless, when she arrives in Rome to brighten Lina up following the encounter with her father didn’t go as planned, Addie truly emerges not just as a terrific friend but as a wonderful character.

Trailer of Love & Gelato!

Let’s enjoy the beautiful view of Rome in this amazing trailer.


What is the IMBD rating of ‘Love & Gelato’?

The IMBD rating of ‘Love & Gelato’ is 5.1/10.

Who directed the film ‘Love & Gelato’?

Brandon Camp directed the film ‘Love & Gelato’.

What is the movie’s age rating?

The MPAA has given the movie a TV-14 rating due to the language as well as suggestive dialogue.


Lina’s quest for self-knowledge seems more like an innate quest than a purely extrinsic experience. Her mother wished to visit Rome, find Howard, and learn that meeting the right partner somewhere at the wrong moment will not result in a happy ending.