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the official poster of love death robots season 2


David Mudd

Love Death Robots Season 2: Plot | Release Date

Love Death and Robots is an animated series that presents a collection of stories. After the success of the first season, a second season was released in 2020.  Animation creators all over the world put together their stories to be told in the series. Love Death Robots Season 2  is a must-watch!

Instead of the 18 story season, this one has 8 short stories using the component of Love. Death and Robots. All the stories are a telling description of worlds that may be more real than we think. The ultra-real animation of the series is impeccable and will keep you glued to your seats.

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Plot of Love Death Robots Season 2 

The series has 8 stories. Each of them addresses the three things that will be the most relevant in future as well as in present. Season 2 stories are 

The first season: a preview 

a glimpse from the show, love death robots season 2
Netflix Love Death Robots Season 2 is a woven thread of stories!

The first season had 18 episodes, all of under 20 minutes running time. The stories were mainly dark fantasies of what the world would be like against a dystopian backdrop. The detailing and the idea both contributed to the success of the series. A lot of critics commented on the explicit use of sexual imagery which seemed superfluous. The series did clarify itself as a part of adult fantasy but the extreme and numerous accounts of sexual violence and gory imagery did not sit well with a lot of people, as mentioned by a lot of anime fans and authors. 

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The new season of Love Death Robots  

Season 2 has brought together stories that make you think about the way this world could turn out. Let’s take through some of the storylines which will illustrate the aforementioned point. 

Automated Customer Service 

featuring the robots from love death robots season 2
Love Death Robots Season 2 is back with its robots!

The story covers the good old theme of homicidal robots and robot uprising. It shows a society where the elderly are taken care of by robots. Suddenly the robots started to behave like they had a thinking process and consciousness. They start to hunt the old lady who made the choice instead of the Robot’s suggestion. 

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Pop Squad of Love Death Robots Season 2 

featuring the cast of love death robots season 2
The cast of Love Death Robots Season 2 is here to surprise you!

Pop Squad is the best story of the series.  It shows a world where it is illegal to marry and give birth. People of a certain generation live forever and sacrificing the birth of children is how to keep the population in check. 

The story is told from the perspective of a cop who kills children as his job. His realisation of the absurdity reality and civilization that they had been creatinleavesss him conflicted and helpless. One day he visits a toy store. It reminds him of the last boy who was killed as he too had the same toy. At that store, he meets Eve, who has a baby girl. After their powerful interaction, the cop becomes the protector of the very thing he was sent to kill. 

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Snow in the Desert 

It is perhaps the hopeful story of love. This is the story of Snow who is lonely travelling across the desert. The arid desert is the very reflection of his life which is just as hopeless a loveless place that has no prospects. 

Later he meets Herald who is a cyborg and the two fall in love. She becomes his snow in his desert of life.  

Delivery went wrong 

The weirdest and creepiest of all stories is this one. The story reimagines the idea of Santa Claus. A sibling duo tries to get a peek at Santa Claus. Instead, they find a horrible looking monster who greets them for being nice. The kids wonder what would have happened if they had been naughty. 

Release date of Love Death Robots Season 2 

The show was released on 14th May 2021

Availability of Love Death Robots Season 2 

The series is available on Netflix 


The series is set in a future which doesn’t seem very far. With the rising artificial technology, the ultimate form of machine development storylines operate within the realm of the possible future and this is the scariest part. 

A lot of fans will find similarities with Black Mirror. It is only because this perhaps is a growing underlying concern, behind the opulent display of Scientific progress.

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