Love & Death: Elizabeth Olsen’s New Series Announced At HBO Max!



True criminal dramas Are already worldwide popular among fans and audiences who learnt such kinds of shows or are always eager to find new types of criminal series. In the last few years, we have already been through a lot of new criminals. Love & Death is whether it is a documentary or a Web show. 

We Are already aware of the popularity of such kinds of series, so we have a recently announced series called Love & Death. Produced under HBO Max, this series was worldwide popularity among the fans as soon as it was announced to be released. The showrunners have already confirmed the film’s release and allowed the audience to learn more about the show.

Inspired by a popular series called Candy, Love & Death already has a massive fan following from the people of the world. As the announcement of Love & Death made it into the highlight, the audience was quick to wonder about the future potential of this show. We already know that there are a lot of people who are eager to learn about Love & Death. 

If you are one of those fans, who are waiting to learn about the show, then this article is for you. Continue reading the article and find out all the latest information regarding Love & Death in detail.

Love & Death Release Date: When it is Going to Release?

As soon as the announcement for Love & Death came into the news, Everyone wanted to know the release date of the series. There is no wonder that Love & Death made a huge highlight on the news and as the official trailer for the series has been released on the internet, there was some new excitement among the people. HBO Max has officially confirmed the release date of the series and for all those people who were unaware of it, this section is going to help you.

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HBO Max has announced the release of  Love & Death on Thursday, 27 April 2023. Not only this, but the series has also confirmed that it will release its episodes every week and the finale episode of the series will release on Thursday 25th May. 

However, this release date is especially for US-based people and not for UK Fans. At the time of writing, we don’t have any exact release date for the UK-based fans who are anticipating that the series will release on the platform as soon as possible. We Are currently looking into the matter, and if there will be any update, will make sure to let you know through this article. Bookmark this page so that you can get all the exclusive details regarding the series.

Love & Death Cast: Who Will Be Going to Be in it?

One of the major things that everyone wants to know regarding the future of the series is its cast. We already know that Love & Death has one of the most exclusive casts because it includes some of the known actors of all time. 

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In this session of the article, we will be going to describe all the cast and characters of the upcoming series in detail. Continue reading the article to find out the cast of the show which is going to be in the series.

  • Elizabeth Olsen as Candy Montgomery
  • Patrick Fugit as Pat Montgomery
  • Lily Rabe as Betty Gore
  • Jesse Plemons as Allan Gore
  • Keir Gilchrist as Ron Adams
  • Elizabeth Marvel as Jackie Ponder
  • Tom Pelphrey as Don Crowder
  • Krysten Ritter as Sherry Cleckler
  • Beth Broderick as Bertha Pomeroy
  • Richard C Jones as Tom Cleckler
  • Aaron Jay Rome as Richard Garlington
  • Fabiola Andújar as Mary Adams
  • Brian d’Arcy James as Fred Fason
  • Olivia Applegate as Carol Crowder
  • Mackenzie Astin as Tom O’Connell
  • Adam Cropper as Robert Udashen
  • Bruce McGill as Tom Ryan
  • Drew Waters as Jerry McMahan
  • Sunday Dangerstone as Tina Grant
  • Amelie Dallimore as Jenny Montgomery

Love & Death Plot: What it Will Be About?

The official synopsis of the series is already released on the internet. If by any chance you missed the story of the series then here it is. The official synopsis of the series reads, “Love & Death takes a close look at Candy Montgomery’s shift from a bright, devout Christian housewife to a merciless ax-murderer and the peculiar affair that started it all.

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“Set in a close-knit, trusting Texas community full of carefree families and faithful churchgoers, it’s an idyllic picture – and the perfect cover for dangerous secrets and vicious jealousy left unchecked.

“With executive producers David E Kelley and Nicole Kidman and stars Elizabeth Olsen and Jesse Plemons, the limited series promises sky-high pedigree, style with substance, and the complex, psychological nuance necessary for such an unbelievable true crime story.”

Love & Death Official Trailer

Are you looking for the official trailer for the series? If you are waiting for the official trailer of the show, then fortunately we have some good news for you. Love & Death has officially released the trailer for the audience a few weeks ago. 

If by any chance you have not watched the official trailer of the series then here it is. Watch the series’s official trailer and find out all the details regarding the show here.

Where to Watch the Show?

One of the basic questions that every single fan wants to know is what is the upcoming season of Love & Death. All those fans hoping for the series’ third season can head to HBO Max. 

Along with this, tons of fantastic series are available on the streaming platform for the audience to watch. If you need any recommendations, here are some of our recommendations: Welcome To Derry, Succession Season 5, Doom Patrol Season 4, and Father Of The Bride.


Love & Death is an upcoming series that has already been in the talks lately. As soon as the officials confirmed the announcement for the series, everyone was wondering about the future of the show. Not only this but there has been a long talk regarding the future of the series. The release date for the series has been already confirmed and not only this but the showrunner has also announced the plot for the show.

Thank you for reading this article till the end. We hope that you find out some informative news regarding the upcoming series. Follow our website Trending News Buzz and get all the latest updates about the upcoming event happening in the entertainment community. Share this article with someone who equally loves the series and eagerly waiting for it to release as soon as possible.