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Love Alarm Season 3: Renewed or Cancelled!

Will we again see the lovely South Korean series for the third time? Will the Love Alarm Season 3 renewed or Cancelled after dropping episodes of Season 2? What is the status of Love Alarm Season 3?

There are rumours over the internet that the third season of Love Alarm will come next year or may be in 2022 but will the series be renewed for one another season after completing its story in the second part? At the time of writing this article there are no signs which indicate that the new season is cancelled or renewed.

According to a few other sites the team of the series has given indication that they are thinking about the third season but don’t know how much it is true.

The coming back of the Love Alarm Season 3 is yet to be confirmed and if they make their minds to make one another season by continuing the story then it will also have 6 to 8 episodes in it like its previous seasons which has 8 episodes and 6 episodes in season 2.

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If you already watched this drama then you know that the previous season ends with Jo-jo choosing Lee-Hye-young and there is nothing more to expand the story of the Love Alarm season and less chances to make something different or interesting with twists and turns if they want to work on the third season. Most of the fans are expecting that they will not get a new season because season 2 ends completely with a right conclusion.

But if you check other characters than the producer or the creator can go forward to make or complete the story of other couples or the left story between Park Gul-mi and Cheong Duk-gu.

So there is a possibility that the story will continue by focusing on other characters to clear up what happened to other characters in it.

There are equal chances that a new season will come or not as most of the South Korean Series run for 1 or 2 seasons only and the story is covered in 18-22 episodes maximum.

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Love Alarm Season 3: Cast Members

Love Alarm Season 3

At this time we don’t know who will be appearing in Love Alarm Season 3 but we are expecting that all original cast members will be back for season 3 from its previous Seasons. If the season renew in future then we will definitely see High school student Kim-Jo-Jo by Kim So-Hyun, Lee Hyde-young by Jung Ga-ram, Hwang Sun-oh by Song Kang along with other cast members and it will confirmed when the season 3 of Love Alarm will come.

Love Alarm Season 3: Trailer

At this moment there is no official trailer for the new season of Love Alarm, so till then enjoy its previous season 2.


Love Alarm is a Romantic Drama series which released its first season in 2019 and second season after two years in 2021, so if they follow the same pattern then we will get a third season in 2023. Love Alarm series got 6.9 ratings out of 10 on IMDb while it earned 4.8 out of 5 on Facebook.

So, Stay tuned with us to know more when there is an official update regarding this series and we will update this section when something new comes up and also bookmark to read our latest articles.

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