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Love 101 Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything We Know So Far


David Mudd

The streaming giant Netflix is planning to release the teen show Love 101. This will be another gem from Netflix for the people passing their period of life inside the house. Most of the people are spending their time rewatching the old episodes of their favorite series and movies. Besides, some others are seeking for new things to watch. All over this means that Netflix and its shows gave some relaxed moments in most people’s lockdown life.

So the news about the new Love 101 series is an exclusively refreshing thing to hear. After all, people get something to look forward to. The series is Turkish Drama led by Ahmet Katiksiz. A trailer was already released for it and can watch it on YouTube. Actually there are two trailers out there for the series on YouTube.

The Cast and Plot of Love 101

It is originally composed by Destan Sedolli and Meric Acemi. Meric is a popular Turkish actor known for her roles in many movies. Besides, actors including Pinar Deniz, Kubilay Aka, and Mert Yazicioglu will join her. According to the announced Netflix original timing, it started streaming on April 24, 2020.

The creators are looking forward to making the series loveable for the people. After all, they hope this will create its fan base. The series says the story happens in 1998. In which a group of 17-year-old teenagers trying to maintain an instructor to maintain college. But everything changes when they are falling in love. After all, they find out the meaning of love.

Love 101