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Lost Girls: To Watch Or Not – Netflix Film Of A True-Crime Drama


David Mudd

Netflix movie Lost Girls is on the hype now. It is a true story of the dramatic genre mystery. The story tells about the unenviable experience of a mother. The mother was a forced activist after her daughter Shannan disappeared on Long Island in 2010. 

The story gets its motivation from journalist Robert Kolker’s book,’Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery.’ This is a long island serial killer case and how a mother sees it. This film got its debut in Sundance Film Festival before making its debut in streaming platform Netflix. 

Plot Of Lost Girls

The protagonist, Mari Gilbert, is a struggling mom of three. The story first takes us to Ellenville, New York. She had a fight on a construction site for shifts. Her daughters are mentally sensitive and need special care. 

During dinner, one of the daughters, Shannan, don’t show up. From here, the story starts taking a turn. Mari does all possible things to find her daughter but fails. This journey is about a mother fighting against law, the police and everyone who comes in between. 

Lost Girls: To Watch Or Not To Watch

The performance of Amy Ryan is extraordinary. After Gone Baby Gone, where she portrays a single mother looking for her child, Amy has levelled up. Though the two characters are similar, fans are going to find a lot of recognizable points about this one. 

There are a few completely silent scenes, defining the intensity of the situation. It shows the beautiful and delicate relationship between a mother and her daughter. This film shows the unconditional love of a mother even in times of crisis. 

The performance and screenplay will make you feel the pain and aggression of the characters. Its feminist approach gives a crisp edge to the movie. Thus, it is a must-watch for all!

Lost Girls: Not A Netflix Original

After a successful screening of Lost Girls in Sundance, Netlfix decided to buy this for all the right reasons. For Netflix, which is famous for its rom-com and light-hearted drama, this one is extraordinary. This isn’t a happy movie. This film shows the sadness and pain of separation.