Enter Into The World of Los Espookys Season 2


David Mudd

It’s time to get excited because all the laughter from Los Espookys is coming your way in a brand new season. Yes, you read that right! The streaming platform HBO has assured that they will be back with Los Espookys Season 2. Fans showered a lot of love on the first season of the series and definitely that could not stop the makers to go on for a Season 2. Now, what could be better than a dose of laughter in our daily lives, isn’t it?

Do you remember laughing out loud while watching season 1? We definitely do and so can’t wait anymore to inject the second dose of laughter! Keep an eye in this article because we have a lot of news to offer regarding Los Espookys Season 2. The upcoming season has more to present than the first one.

Is Los Espookys Coming Back?

HBO has confirmed that Los Espookys has been renewed for Season 2. Fans were head over heels in love with the first season and now they are eagerly waiting for Los Espookys Season 2. The six-episode first run was super successful and the makers could not do anything but renew the series to a better level. 

The finale episode of season 1 where Tati simultaneously experiences the past, present and future, reveals a lot about the potentiality of Los Espookys Season 2.

What is the Genre of Los Espookys?

Just like Season 1, Los Espookys Season 2 will feature the genre of comedy, fantasy and horror. You already know what the blend of horror and comedy does to a show! Yes, just as it increases the suspense, it also doesn’t stop us from laughing, isn’t it? So the American comedy television series, Los Espookys Season 2 can be undoubtedly said to be the ‘modern age Scooby Doo’.

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What is Los Espookys about?

The Spanish(and English) comedy, Los Espookys follows a horror adventure of Renaldo who is enthusiastic about the thrills in the life of his clients. This business idea is showcased with the involvement of his friends and all the comedy they put into the series in the course of its action. Renaldo’s eerie concept is supported by his friends and they name it ‘Los Espookys’. To rejuvenate this vibe, the makers have decided on the new season, though the plot of Los Espookys season 2 is not disclosed yet. 

When is Los Espookys Season 2 Releasing?

In July 2019, Los Espookys Season 2  was announced, though the release date was not mentioned. The exact date of release is still not revealed by the makers, but the makers gave hints to a release date in 2021. Also, as it is a horror comedy and we know that Halloween is round the corner, we can expect a release date focusing on this fact. That is a bit sad but this should not lower the excitement! 

Who Does The cast of Los Espookys Season 2 Feature?

Los Espookys Season 2 will be featuring the same cast as Season 1. Here’s the quick list for you:

  • Bernardo Velasco as Renaldo.
  • Cassandra Ciangherotti as Ursula.
  • Julio Torres as Andres.
  • Ana Fabrega as Tati.
  • Fred Armisen as Tico.

Along with starring in the show, Julio Torres, Ana Fabrega and Fred Armisan are also the creators of this show. Their magic of turning their love for horror into business is what excites the storyline. 

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The cast members have treated their fans with some insights into Los Espookys Season 2 through their social media handles, and that has raised the temperature because now the eagerness is even more stronger.

Where Will Los Espookys Find Themselves?

Los Espookys has left no stone unturned in taking their audiences by surprise. The first observation is the ‘lucrative business of horror’ that the friends carry on. Isn’t that a cool business idea? What do you think? This is induced with reality and fantasy when this group of friends begin to inflict their love for horror into others. 

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Stepping into realism, Los Espookys Season 2 will be awestruck with more of what it offered in season 1. It is definitely not going to be straightforward. Just when you think you caught hold of the story, someone gets trapped inside a mirror and struggles to live. So it is going to be amazing to see where actually Los Espookys find themselves.

Trivia: Bernardo Velasco stated that Los Espookys is a “world with its own roots. No logic”.

Where Is Los Espookys Season 2 Located?

The makers have confirmed that they would continue to shoot for the new season in the same locations as the initial release, Chile. This is because they wanted to make sure that the upcoming season reflects continuity as the characters carry on a business. And for a business like them, providing horror chills to its clients, the locations in and around Santiago, Chile is the best because the inhabitants of these places are familiar with ‘strange’ and ‘mysterious’  happenings in their daily lives.

Filming in Chile has already occured but suffered some backlashes due to the pandemic. In an interview in June 2020, Torres and Fabrega had mentioned that they were in between the process of filming in Chile when suddenly they had to put a pause because of stay-at-home orders. But there is nothing to worry as it has been wrapped up and some work on the post-production is yet to be accomplished before you see Los Espookys Season 2 on your television screens.

With 8.71 votes on Rotten Tomatoes and the huge success of Season 1, Los Espookys Season 2 is all set to bring in the hilarious scenes and uniquely strange storyline. We are only waiting for the words from the makers because there are endless possibilities. Who knows they come up with a storyline that we least expect?

Till then, tell us about your favorite scene from Season 1 that you could not stop laughing for, in the comments section below!