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Lookism Chapter 463 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, Recap, and Where to read!

“Lookism,” one of the most anticipated manga series, has gained popularity as a result of its adaptation into an anime. Lookism comics are written and illustrated by Park Tae-Joon. Lookism is a comic book series that depicts racism, bullying, and body shaming. It has also been translated into numerous languages, allowing individuals to read this manga story in their native tongue.

We know you can't wait for the next chapter, so we'll give you all you need to know about the publication date, raw scans, spoilers, reviews, and where you can read the chapter in this blog post. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know.

Lookism Chapter 463 Release Date

On August 24, 2023, the next “Lookism” episode is set to come out. Read it when it comes out. For the next part, here are the different time zones or you should also read about Blue Lock Chapter 229 release date.

Time Zone Date Time
Eastern Standard Time August 24, 2023 11:00 AM
Central Standard Time August 24, 2023 10:00 AM
Central European Time August 24, 2023 5:00 PM
Eastern European Time August 24, 2023 6:00 PM
Pacific Standard Time August 24, 2023 8:00 AM
Japan Standard Time August 24, 2023 1:00 PM
China Standard Time August 24, 2023 12:00 PM
India Standard Time August 24, 2023 4:30 PM
Korean Standard Time August 24, 2023 2:00 PM
Australian Standard Time August 24, 2023 12:00 PM

Lookism Chapter 463 Raw Scans

Fans of “Lookism” want to see the raw scans of the next part so they can find out what happens. But as of now, we don't have any raw scans of the next part. Raw scans usually come out 3–4 days before the public chapter. Stay with us to see the next chapter's raw scans. You should also check the raw scans of Dandadan chapter 118.

Lookism Chapter 463 Spoilers

The last Lookism chapter ended on an interesting cliffhanger, so fans were eager to know what would happen in the next chapter and were looking for clues. But right now, we can't tell you anything about what will happen in the next part.

What happens in the next chapter? The producers are keeping that hidden. The story's ending will be revealed soon. Stay tuned if you want to know what happens in the next part. Also, check the spoilers of Weak Hero Chapter 259

Lookism Chapter 462 Recap

In the previous chapter of “Lookism,” we saw Fans can't wait to see what happens in this episode because their feud has been a big part of the show. Will they be able to put aside their differences and agree on something?

Lookism chapter 463 release date

Jae Yeol's growth as a person is another interesting thing to watch. Since the start of the show, Jae Yeol has been cold and careful. But some people think we might see a different side of him in Chapter 462.

Some of his fans think he might change and show a kinder side. This could lead to figures working together in ways that were not expected. People also want to know more about Jay's plans for the future.

Where to Read Lookism Chapter 463

You can read the new part of “Lookism” on Webtoon, which is a popular comics website. Webtoon is an easy-to-use, helpful tool that doesn't have any bugs or other problems. Check out this site for more manga and books that look interesting. Also, read the interesting One Piece Chapter 1090


Lookism Part 463, the next part of the popular manga series Lookism, is set to come out on August 24, 2023. Fans can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter, especially since the last chapter ended on a cliffhanger. But there haven't been any raw scans or hints yet, so we'll have to wait until the chapter comes out to find out what happens. In the last chapter, Jay and Gun met for the first time in person.

The two have been enemies for a long time, and fans can't wait to see what happens in the next part. A big part of the story is also how Jae Yeol changes as a person, and people are excited to see if he becomes nicer in Chapter 463. When it comes out on August 24, 2023, you'll be able to read Lookism Chapter 463 on Webtoon. Follow or bookmark trending news buzz for more manga updates.

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