Lookism Chapter 453 Release Date, Spoilers, What To Expect, And Raw Scans!


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Illustrated by Park Tae-Joon, the series is spun around the genre of comedy, drama, and action. Starting in 2014, the series has shared 20 volumes till now and has published 452 chapters so far.

In this article, we will be delving deep to grasp the details of the upcoming chapter 453.

When Lookism Chapter 453 Will Be Released?

You will be amused to know that your special series is soon going to publish a new chapter. A new chapter number 453 will be added to its list of chapters. The chapter is expected to be out by June 15, 2023. Only 5 days are left, so let the countdown begin.

Let’s move ahead to grab other details of the chapter after taking a look at the table below which specifies the release date and time of the chapter as per different locations.

Time Zone Time and Date
New York Time 09:00 AM, June 15, 2023
Australian Capital Territory Time 11:30 PM, June 15, 2023
Japanese Standard Time 12:00 AM (midnight), June 16, 2023
Indian Standard Time 8:30 PM, June 15, 2023
Singapore Standard Time 10:00 PM, June 15, 2023
Pacific Time 06:00 AM, June 15, 2023
Eastern European Time 04:00 PM, June 15, 2023
Eastern Indonesian Time 12:00 AM (midnight), June 16, 2023
Korean Standard Time 12:00 AM (midnight), June 16, 2023

Lookism Chapter 453- Spoilers!

Lookism Chapter 453 Release Date

You must be getting restless to read the spoilers of the chapter. Fans always remain curious to know what will happen next in their favorite series and they start looking for the spoilers of the series.

Spoilers are mainly shared two to three days prior to the date the chapter is dropped. It implies that you will have to wait for a few more days to relish yourself with the spoilers.

For the time being, why don’t we read out the expected plot of the upcoming chapter?

What to Expect from Lookism Chapter 453?

As of now, it is quite difficult to predict anything about the upcoming events of the series. At the end of the last chapter, we read Hudson Ahn saying that if this is the main case, then he is okay to stay at the very place. He even added that they have different goals and his main goal is to meet and Fight Eli.

If the place where they are standing is the corridor where the workers come in, then he will for sure be able to meet Eli if he standby there. Thus, in the next chapter, we can expect a fight between Eli and Hudson.

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Lookism Chapter 453- Raw Scans, Are They Out?

Sadly enough to state that no raw scans are out yet by the time of writing the article. We may get the raw scans within a few days or by June 12, 2023. So let’s wait together for their release. So make sure you come back to read the article because we will be editing this article when the raw scans will be out.

Till the time mentioned, you can take a quick recap of the previous chapter of the series.

What Transpired in the Previous Chapter 452 of the Series Lookism?

In the last chapter  452 of the series Lookism, we read Alexander being questioned by Daniel Pank and the other team members to provide an idea that can help them to find Park Jinyeong. At that very time, Alex showed his back, which had the complete map of the building. But later he said sorry to everyone and disclosed that his map is of no use to them because he is only aware of the structure of the building not the location of anyone.

Lookism Chapter 453 Release Date

Talking about Park Jinyeong, he even shared that he had never heard of any such person and never saw someone like him in the mental ward. At this, Vasco states that they should search the whole building which might help them find Eli too.

Alex also states to Daniel Park, that if they are willing to thoroughly search the entire building and eliminate all the Workers in the Mental Ward, he knows someone who can assist them. Alex emphasizes that meeting that individual would be very helpful for them.

Alex says that he has been present on the 4th floor for a long duration and that’s why he possesses comprehensive knowledge about the clinic, essentially serving as a human blueprint. With expertise in every aspect of the Mental Ward, he states that they have no other option except to rely on him.

Thereafter we saw, Jay, while cleaning his goggle, stating that they now have a specific goal: breaking through to the 4th floor and meeting that individual. However, Alex cautions that the task won’t be easy, as there is a time constraint involved.

Let’s see what turns the series will take with upcoming chapters.

Where to Read Lookism Chapter 453?

The chapter will be published by Daewon and Book. The fans who are reading the series right from the time it started must be well acquainted with the e-reading platform where each new chapter is published.

Webtoon, one of the most amazing platforms which provides access to numerous series without any premium publishes every chapter of the series Lookism. Here, you can also get the English translations of the chapter. In addition to this, you can also go for Naver Comics to read every new installment of the series.

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In a nutshell, the series lookism has very beautifully captivated the audience which has led it to come so far. The series has published 452 chapters and the next 453 is soon expected to be released by June 15, 2023. Though no spoilers or raw scans are out yet, they may be out within a few days, so keep reaching back to us to have updated information about the article.

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