Lookism Chapter 451 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap, And Where to Read!


Arvinda Dixit

The Manga series Lookism which started approximately 7-8 years ago is still in trend and is well received by its readers. It has aired 450 chapters so far and the next is on its way.

In this article, we will be reading about the details of the upcoming chapter 451 of the series Lookism.

About the Series Lookism

The series revolves around a young boy Park Hyung Suk who has spent around 17 years of his life at a very lowest point. He is constantly bullied by his friends and classmates because of his unattractive look as he is short and a bit overweight.

He soon decided to change his school n to escape from the biggest bully, Lee Tae Sung. But a few days later, when he woke up he finds himself in a perfect body. He was shocked to see himself as a tall, handsome, and well-muscled man.

But the only problem is that his other body is still awake and when one body falls asleep the other one awakes. So, he has to handle this supernatural situation and have to figure out the reason the body came from.

What is the Release Date of Lookism Chapter 451?

Lookism Chapter 451 Release Date

The series Lookism is spun around the genre of action, drama, and comedy and has an impressive scale of audience. It has recently dropped Chapter 450 and with its release fans started looking for the publishing of new chapter 451.

This clearly signifies the impact of the impressive storyline on the minds of readers. The series is going to release its upcoming chapter on June 2, 2023. 

Now, let’s move ahead to glance at some other important details of Chapter 451.

Where to Read Lookism Chapter 451?

The new chapter 451 will be available to its readers on Webtoon, Viz Media, and Manga Plus. These e-reading platforms will avail you with the latest chapters as and when they are published. Moreover, you will get the benefit of relishing yourself with English translations as well.

Lookism Chapter 451 – Spoilers!

Are you looking for spoilers for the upcoming chapter 451 of the manga series Lookism?

Then, you will have to wait for some more time, and as per our assumptions, the spoilers will be out one day before the premiere of the chapter.

Therefore, stay tuned with us because we will edit this section with the spoilers when they will be out.

Lookism Chapter 451 – Raw Scans!

Lookism Chapter 451 Release Date

Raw scans give us an idea of the happenings of the story in the next chapter. But no raw scans are out yet, nor shared by the publishers.

Stay connected with us to keep a check on the progress and developments in this context. Till that time, shall we take a quick summary of the previous chapter 451?

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A Quick Recap of Lookism Chapter 450

In the last chapter 450 of the series Lookism, we read Kwak realized that whoever was imprisoned there in the jail was innocent. He asked the person next to him about the reason for his incarceration. And to this, the person responded that he is innocent which led Kwak to believe that the imprisonment of everyone there was unjust.

Kwak noticed that the guy soon started talking to himself wondering about the span of time, he has been stuck there and the reasons behind it.

Kwak stated that as of now, he can only rely on Alexander Hwang because he is left with no other hope. At that very moment, Daniel called on Kwak’s phone, which is with Hwang. Daniel came to know that Kwak has been caught and security has been tightened. Therefore they have to do it quickly before Hwang also got caught.

Daniel then explained the problem to Hwang that he is unaware of the directions to Dark Side and at this Hwang responded that he will help them out in this situation. And, thus, they got started on the mission.

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To conclude, the series Lookism is soon going to add a new chapter to its list with the publishing of Chapter 451. The chapter is scheduled to be dropped officially on June 2, 2023. The time and dates may vary due to variations in the locations. No spoilers or raw scans are out yet, but we will update this article as and when they are shared.

That’s all for now. We suggest you bookmark our website for easy access and future reference and you will be notified of the newest updates or progress in this context.