Looking for Ways to Increase Your Brand Authority in Google & Drive More Traffic?


Sandeep Singh

Creating unique and value-adding content seems to be pointless if nobody reads it. Hours spent on writing long pieces of informative texts or recording entertaining videos for your audience may be wasted if your content isn’t shared, commented on or simply seen by none of your prospects.

To prevent your brand from being recognized only by a few, you need to mark your presence online. One of the best ways to do so is by being featured in channels that actually have a bigger audience than yours. And this can be achieved thanks to well-designed link building strategy.

How can link building drive more traffic to your website?

How many times has it happened to you that you looked up something in Wikipedia, but you ended up reading an article on a completely different thing? This is how link building works.

Simply put, link building drives the traffic from one website to another.

Let’s assume you sell kitchen appliances. Wouldn’t it be amazing to get your brand’s name mentioned – best if this mention got a backlink to your website – on Binging with Babish or Joshua Weissman’s website? Imagine how many eyes your brand will attract thanks to this. And that’s just one benefit. A secondary one, if we may say that.

The biggest benefit of link building

There is another amazing thing about link building. Google loves websites that have numbers of backlinks placed on other websites. And this love grows bigger if the websites with backlinks are already highly ranked in Google.

Why does it matter?

Because this is one of the clearest signals for Google robots that the website the high-ranked sites refer to is simply relevant and credible. It increases your website authority. Otherwise, why would they even bother showing their viewers some brands and their websites if they had little to offer, or were scammy?

Does it mean that you just need to email some big fish from your niche and ask them to put a backlink, bringing their visitors to your website? We hate to break that to you, but that may not work at all.

How to get quality backlinks?

This one is tricky. Until you build a reputation, there won’t be many publishers who agree on mentioning your brand on their channels. Let alone insert a link to your website.

What are your options then?

No matter if you just start your online business, or if you already have some visitors / subscribers / customers, you need to keep reaching higher and wider. You need to have a base of publishers and creators who are willing to use the link of yours in one of their articles.

Where can you find such a base?

A link building SEO company may be your go-to. Such agencies spent years building their link-building bases to help small businesses grow bigger.

Turning to a reputable link building SEO company for help speeds up the process of winning quality backlinks. This equals quicker return on investment, higher ranks in Google and this boosted traffic you dream about. This is how you get your content noticed.