Loni Willison: Jeremy Jackson’s Ex Wearing Expensive Apple Watch After Being Homeless!


Saloni Singh

BAYWATCH star Jeremy Jackson’s destitute ex Loni Willison has been spotted wearing a costly Apple watch regardless of pushing a truck shoeless during a trip.

In selective photographs acquired by The Sun, Loni, 39, seemed, by all accounts, to be scavaging for things left along the roads of Venice Beach, California. The previous wellness model appeared to be rumpled as she wore a sleeveless dark coat and matching cap.

She was incredibly spotted wearing an Apple watch during the excursion. She no longer games her long blonde locks from her prime. While pulling up the truck across the road, the ex-bathing suit model looked over the trash remains and put them in her white pack.

TO the rest of the world she carried on with the ‘wonderful life‘ where she was married to a well off Hollywood star and graced the fronts of wellness magazines.

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Yet, it wasn’t as it appeared and presently ex-swimwear model Loni Willison, 38, has been snapped hauling her common belongings in a streetcar in the wake of being destitute for a very long time.

loni willison

The Swimwear Model Was the Encapsulation of Wellness When the Pair Marry

It followed a muddled separation from Baywatch entertainer Jeremy Jackson a long time back and detailed medication and liquor misuse, which she denied.

Loni is presently unrecognizable from her glitz blonde stunner snaps as she strolled the roads puffing a cigarette and scavenging in the containers for food.

The photos feature the model’s terrible fast decay in the wake of losing her employment and her home, and evading offers of help.

Shockingly, she once guaranteed she makes herself look as grimy as conceivable to try not to be physically manhandled in the city.

Quite a while back, she told The Sun: “I can live all alone. I have all that I want here. No one truly thinks often about me and I would rather not see them, they would rather not see me.”

Tanked Pushes and Asserted Assault

At the point when Loni and Jeremy secured the bunch on a Californian ocean side in 2012, wearing white and flanked by their snow-white canine, the pair looked the like a definitive Hollywood couple.

Californian Jeremy, presently 41, had found popularity as Hobie Buchanan, the child of David Hasselhoff’s lifeguard Mitch, at 11 years old and assumed the part until he was 18, leaving in 1999.

Loni, additionally from California, was the dazzling model who graced the front of wellness magazines in meager active apparel and bathing suits.

Rounds of honorary pathway appearances followed and they gave off an impression of being frantically infatuated.

Yet, Jeremy, a previous kid star, as of now had a background marked by chronic drug use, which had started during his experience as a youngster on Baywatch.

He had been captured for assembling methamphetamine, at 19, had burned through 90 days in prison for ownership and finished five stretches in recovery.

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While they seemed to be the ideal couple from an external perspective, the image in secret was not exactly ruddy.

loni willison

The Marriage Plummeted Into Alcohol Fuelled Contentions and, in August 2014, Police Were Called to Their Home After Jeremy Purportedly Went After Loni.

She later asserted he choked and beat her, leaving her with two broken ribs, a harmed neck and scratches all over and body however she chose not to squeeze charges.

The pair split straight after the supposed assault, which she uncovered solely after her ex entered the Celebrity Big Brother house a year after the fact, in 2015.

However, it flagged the beginning of Loni’s psychological well-being issues and descending twisting.

“It took me north of two months to recuperate appropriately,” she said. “I wound up leaving my place of employment as a partner to a plastic specialist and I was unable to work out or take on any demonstrating position.

“I didn’t go out with companions or do anything – I was in an extremely terrible spot.” She was simply yards from VIP houses, including the £5million home of Ben Affleck.

Addressing The Sun, she said: “I haven’t addressed Jeremy. I would rather not address my companions, I’m doing fine and dandy. I don’t believe anybody should help me.”

She added: “I haven’t got a PDA. I have food and I have a spot to rest. I get cash to a great extent and there’s food in the canisters and close to the stores. There’s parts here.”

Many desperate Americans live in tents on or close to Venice Beach, and the circumstance has deteriorated starting from the beginning of the pandemic.

He sat idle. It was useless to him. He didn’t give a s***. It was horrifying, nauseating

Compact Latrines and Water Stations Have Been Positioned To Help the Destitute

In the most recent shocking pictures, Loni is seen eating on a pizza she tracked down in a receptacle and imparting it to a close by squirrel.

Wearing long socks, fishnet leggings and a denim coat, the previous model hauls a truck brimming with garments and bedding behind her. While Loni is as yet engaging her addictions her ex, presently 41, is figuring out how to remain clean and is currently the main figure in LA’s wellness scene, posting musclebound pictures on his Instagram page.

loni willison

He has wouldn’t remark on his ex’s situation when asked on past events however another ex, Cindy Kovacs, pummeled the entertainer for declining to help Loni after their split in 2014. She told the Sun: “It’s truly miserable what befallen Loni and she never got the assistance she really wants.

“He sat idle. It was basically worthless to him. He didn’t give a s**t. It was shocking, nauseating.”

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The new pictures will carry anguish to the buddies, as Kristen, who actually care about the previous model.

Hopefully they lead to Loni getting the assistance she so frantically needs.


Where Could Loni Willison Presently Be?

Ex of “Baywatch” Star, Loni Willison is Now Living as Homeless Person. The 38-year-old Loni Willison looks unrecognizable in her most recent picture as she scrounges through garbage bins for food. The previous model and spouse of Jeremy Willison, who’s destitute now, was by and by seen in Los Angeles.

Where Could Jeremy Jackson Presently Be?

Jeremy, who currently functions as a fitness coach, shared a progression of photographs of him during his experience as Hobie, and a portion of the current day.

How Did Loni Willison Get Dependent on Drugs?

She experienced a psychological episode, leaving her incapable to work. Her absence of assets implied she fell into obligation and, in 2016, she lost her leased loft and could never again bear to keep her vehicle. Winding up in the city, she fostered a dependence on gem meth and her psychological wellness weakened.

loni willison


On March 1, 2022, Jeremy Jackson’s ex Loni Willison was spotted on March 1, 2022, in the city of Los Angeles, scrounging through garbage bins shoeless. The Baywatch star’s ex has been destitute for almost six years now, and was as of late spotted by the Daily Mail in Venice, California.

The previous bathing suit model was snapped pushing a truck loaded up with her effects as she made stops at garbage cans for searching for food in the ocean side city. The previous model wore a denim coat, a regressive cap, tights, tied wool shirt around the midriff, and a diverse scarf.

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