Longtime ‘Oldies but Goodies’ Radio DJ Art Laboe Dies Aged 97


Saloni Singh

Art Laboe, the pioneering radio DJ who read sincere song attachment to generations of pious listeners and was credited with helping end isolation in Southern California during an eight- decade broadcast career, has failed. He was 97.

 Laboe failed Friday night at home in Palm Springs, California, after catching pneumonia, said Joanna Morones, a prophet for Laboe’s product company, Dart Entertainment.

His Final Show Was Produced Last Week and Broadcast Sunday Night.

 Laboe is credited with helping end isolation in Southern California by organizing live MC shows at drive- in beaneries that attracted white, Black and Latino listeners who danced to gemstone’n’ roll- and shocked an aged generation still harkening to Frank Sinatra and Big Band music.

 The DJ is also credited with coining the expression” oldies, but delicacies.” In 1957, he started Original Sound Record,Inc. and in 1958, released the compendium reader” Oldies But delicaciesVol. 1,” which stayed on the Billboard’s Top 100 map for 183 weeks.

Longtime ‘Oldies But Goodies’ Radio DJ Art Laboe Dies Aged 97

 He latterly developed a strong following among Mexican Americans for hosting the distributed” The Art Laboe Connection Show.” His baritone voice invited listeners to call in attachment and request a’50s- period gemstone’n’ roll love ditty or a meter and blues tune from Alicia Keys.

His Radio Shows Gave the Families of Confined Favored Ones

In particular, a platform to speak to their cousins by earmarking songs and transferring sincere dispatches and updates. California and Arizona convicts would shoot in their own attachment and ask Laboe for updates from family.

 It’s a part Laboe said he felt recognized to play.

” I do not judge,” Laboe said in a 2018 interview with The Associated Press at his Palm Springs plant.” I like people.”

 He frequently told a story about a woman who came by the plant so her toddler could tell her father, who was serving time for a violent crime,” Daddy, I love you.”

“ It Was the First Time He’d Heard His Baby’s Voice,” Laboe Said.” And This Tough, Hard- Nosed Joe Burst Into Gashes.”

 Anthony Macias, a University of California, Riverside ethnical studies professor, said the music Laboe played went with the attachment, enhancing the dispatches. For illustration, songs like Little Anthony & the Imperials'” I am on the Outside( Looking In)” and War’s” Do not Let No Bone Get You Down” spoke of perseverance and a desire to be accepted.

Longtime ‘Oldies But Goodies’ Radio DJ Art Laboe Dies Aged 97

 Born Arthur Egnoian in Salt Lake City to an Armenian- American family, Laboe grew up during the Great Depression in a Mormon ménage run by a single mama . His family transferred him his first radio when he was 8 times old. The voices and stories that came from it enveloped him.

“ And I Have Not Let Go Ago,” Laboe Said.

 He moved to California, attended Stanford University and served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. ultimately, he landed a job as a radio host at KSAN in San Francisco and espoused the name Art Laboe after a master suggested he take the last name of a clerk to sound further American.

 He latterly returned to the Southern California area, but a radio station proprietor told the aspiring host he should work on getting a” radio personality” rather. As a DJ for KXLA in Los Angeles, Laboe bought station time and hosted live overnight music shows from drive- sways where he’d meet underground rockabilly and R&B musicians.” I got my own erected- in exploration,” Laboe said.