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Longmire: Season 6 : Plot | Release Date | Cast

Longmire is a contemporary Western crime drama series created by David Coveney and Hunt Baldwin. It has been a long time since we watched something like this. The idea of crime, punishment, and justice in the remote county is way different from how things work in the cosmopolitan metros. Longmire brings that lost era of blunt cop approach alive and does a pretty good job too. Longmire: Season 6 is a must watch.

When it comes to crime stories, there is simply no shortage of supplies. To put it simply, as we do not lack in crimes, we don’t lack in crime dramas either. But, not every crime drama can accomplish what Longmire has. 

The arid and rough setting, tangible build-up of tension might remind you of Classic movies like No Country for Old Men and The Departed and China town.  The series has 6 seasons and this article is about the final one.

Adaptation of Longmire: Season 6

The show is based on Walt Longmire mysteries by Craig Johnson. 

Plot of Longmire: Season 6

In season 6 the plot has brewed up. Season 6 of the series continues the incidents taking place in the previous ones and finally provides a happy ending. Henry’s kidnapping, Cady’s decision to leave, Walt’s work obsession, and Vic’s loss, everything has been carefully addressed.

In the last 5 seasons, the characters have come a long way. Their personal experiences have changed them. Vic, Walt, and Cady had been through a great deal of emotional trauma. Through this journey together they have come to realize their moment of truth. This collective epiphany is the determining factor in 6.

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Characters of Longmire: Season 6

showcasing the characters of longmire in a frame
Longmire: Season 6 is here with its amazing star cast!

Walt Longmire is the protagonist of this eponymous series. He is the Sheriff of the fictional county of Absaroka, Wyoming. Apart from him, his daughter Cady Longmire, his best friend Henry, his loyal deputies Vic Moretti and Ferg are always there for him whenever things go downhill, which happens a lot.

  • Walt Longmire
  • Henry Bear Standing
  • Vic Moretti 
  • Cady Longmire 
  • Branch Connelly 
  • Zack Heflin 
  • Nightrose 
  • Malachi 

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Walt Longmire

featuring a glimpse from the crime series, longmire
Starring Walt Longmire from the series, Longmire

Walt Longmire is a sheriff in Absaroka, Wyoming. He is smart, charismatic, and full of dark and humor. He’s been a cop for a long time and hence absolutely disillusioned with this profession. But this disillusionment has not caused him to treat any sort of crime lightly. In the trailer of Season 1 voiceover, we hear a deep voice describing the various conditions that the sheriff’s office faces daily. 

Against the backdrop of poverty, greed, drugs, politics, and the local Native American community of Chayeen does the story takes place. There is a certain nuanced Placidity noted in the tone and the approach of Walt Longmire only implies his wisdom gained through bitter experiences. He has a typical wild west attitude. He cares for truth and truth alone. He has a penchant for his self-made rules and unorthodox methods rather than what the official protocol demands. 

Season 1 showed that he hid behind his work because he couldn’t process the grief regarding the unnaturalness of his wife. 

Henry Standing Bear 

Henry is Walt’s best friend. They have been friends for 37 years. He is from the Native American Chayanne community. His loyalty to his community is often questioned by his community. His friendship with Walt often causes problems, not that he cares. He has always been Walt’s philosophical guide too, directing him away from malicious vengeance.

 In season 5 Henry is kidnapped and taken to Crow Reservations where he was left to die. Later Walt finally finds him with the help of the Crow lady. 

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Vic Moretti

featuring a glimpse from the netflix series longmire
Longmire: Season 6 – Vic and Walt coming together?

Vic Moretti is a former Philadelphia homicide detective and here she works under her boss Walt Longmire. She is an equally powerful presence on the screen, participating in every action. Life has not been very kind to either of them. It didn’t ‘t take a lot of time for them to get close. Their chemistry is prominent throughout the series. 

Vic gets shot and has a miscarriage. This unfortunate incident brings on strong changes in Vic. She is overtaken by grief over the loss of her child.

Season 6 portrays Vic in a light altogether. Her rough and tough attitude is gone and her loss has left her tired and pensive. 

Walt and Vic both had close moments multiple times. But they didn’t acknowledge their feelings. Finally, Vic stands up for herself and agrees that she is exhausted from keeping her emotions for Walt unaddressed. Finally, they decide to live together. 

Cady Longmire

Cady is Walt’s daughter. Walt and Cady share a well-balanced harmonious relationship. She works as an attorney in a local firm. In season 1 she finds out that her mother was killed and her father kept it a secret for a long time.  

When Henry was apprehended for a crime he didn’t commit, she went to represent him. Later she had represented Nightrose as well. Sometimes she has strange visions too. She too goes through a lot of emotional issues. She had a fall out from the good graces of the Chayanne community.

In the end, Walt inspires her daughter to run for Sheriff. He tells her that she can get any job done. Finally, he tells that her he is proud of the person Cady has become. 

Branch Connelly 

He was a Deputy under Longmire. He had the hopes of becoming Sherrif. He was secretly dating Cady, Walt’s daughter. When he went to confront his father regarding the killing of Walt’s wife, his father killed him.


He was the main antagonist for a very long time. He is the owner of Arrows casino. He influences the Native American community. He has been Walt’s lifelong obsession. First Walt accused him of killing Martha(Walt’s wife). Later when Branch could be found, initially Walt thought it had some connections to Nithrose. 

But Surprisingly Nithrose helped Henry and Cady at times. The last season shows the Walt had finally started to understand him.


Malachi Strang is the main villain of the series. He used to be the chief of police in the Native Indian Conservative areas. In the past he had Walt and Henry arrested on some unspecified corruption charges. Later, Henry made sure that his community cut all its ties with Malachi. Malachi is the perfect nemesis for both Walt and Henry. Being a good tactician, Malachi always is waiting for the right opportunities to take his enemies down.

The Chayanne community

The Native American community and sheriff’s office share a difficult relationship. The Natives consider the white American cause of all troubles. They don’t want their interruption or any involvement with the majority community. 

The minority community was often used to create chaos in the county. People in power always used them as powers and benefited from the chaos between the two communities.

Release Date of Longmire: Season 6

Season 6 was released on 17th Nov 2017.

Availability of Longmire: Season 6

The show can be watched on Netflix.


Longmire is not a typical crime drama. It is in many ways an independent noir enterprise. The isolated background serves well to make the drama come out alive. The raw action scenes amidst an arid land will remind you of times when finding truth mattered above all. 

The series is pretty unique in many ways. It strikes a chord with the kind of crowd who always enjoy a typical crime drama set in the backdrop of the wild West where justice matters more than protocols.  

Choosing Longmire was a bold move on the part of Netflix. The show has its class and is to be set apart from typical Netflix shows. So if you haven’t been familiar with old school crime shows, this is your chance to do so. If you are a hardcore fan, then you will truly enjoy the finale.

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