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London Kills Season 3 – Will there be the Next Installment?

London Kills is a British police procedural television series. Are you in search of such a series? If you are searching for any police procedural series then you are in right place.

London Kills Season 3

Initially, the series follows on Marquess which is premiered on 26th February 2019 on Acorn TV in the United States of America.

London Kills revolves around an investigation of an elite murder in London. The series was originally slated for broadcasting on Channel 5.

The 1st Season of London Kills was aired on 1st July 2019 on Region 2 DVD. The same was in Australia on 6th May 2020.

Along with this, the 2nd Season premiered on 15th July 2019 in the United States of America. Since then all the fans (including me) are waiting for the next installment (the 3rd Season).

Keeping this in mind, here is everything about the 3rd Season of London Kills that you would like to know in brief like the storyline, the characters, the release date, the trailer………..

Have you seen the previous seasons (1st and 2nd) of the series? If you haven’t seen then you can recognize the popularity of the series by its IMDb rating which is 6.7 with 1,150 votes.

So, keep on scrolling down……….

London Kills Season 3

As I told you earlier, London Kills Season 3 is one of the best British police procedural TV series. It is written and created by Paul Marquess.

London Kills Season 3 is fast-paced, intense, twisted and everything that you can expect in a mystery of the murder.

The show is quite similar to its counterparts like the most popular Castle or you can say the brilliant Criminal Minds. The 3rd Season of London Kills is thrilling, dark, insidious, and very addictive.

London Kills Season 3: Plot| The Storyline of London Kills Season 3

London Kills gives us drama in style with one of the most famous cities in the world. The main leading character of the show is Detective David Bradford.

He is experienced and intelligent that’s the main reason to make him the leader of an elite murder to solve the case.

London Kills Season 3

Suddenly, David comes back to work to solve a new murder case of the son of an MP. The body was found hanging on the tree. DS Vivienne Cole is not thrilled to hand over that case to DI Bradford. In London Kills Season 3, you can see the dynamic between both of them as she asks him questions about his sudden return.

The relationship between them seems more than just professional. Each episode consists of a new murder but the plotline is the mysterious disappearance of the wife of David Bradford. She was missing for almost 3 months. Also, the detective was not able to solve this case.

He thinks that she has gone away and doesn’t want to contact him. This gives us the idea that everything was not right between them. Each murder case takes them into a deeper and bigger conspiracy.

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London Kills Season 3: Cast/ Characters

  • Hugo Speer as Detective Inspector David Bradford; head of the Metropolitan Police Murder Investigation Team
  • Sharon Small as Detective Sergeant Vivienne Cole; David’s immediate subordinate
  • Bailey Patrick as Rob Brady; senior Detective Constable and seasoned investigator
  • Tori Allen-Martin as Billie Fitzgerald; trainee detective constable and the youngest member of David’s team
  • Jennie Jacques as Amber Saunders; a homeless witness who befriends Billie
  • Maimie McCoy as Grace Harper; witness under the protection of Detective Inspector David Bradford

As we all know, characters play a significant role in the progress of any series. So, above mentioned are the characters that are to be appreciated.

London Kills Season 3: The Release Date | When will it premiere?

The 2nd Season of London Kills premiered on 15th July 2019. All the 5 episodes of the 2nd Season premiered on the same day. As the 1st Season aired on 25th February 2019, some questions are left unanswered. After this, fans wanted to know what happened with Carly Bradford.

London Kills Season 3

Even this question didn’t get an answer in the 2nd Season and along with this so, many other questions revolve in the mind. It is not clear that whether another season will come or not.

But, the best expectation is that if the show gets renewal, then London Kills Season 3 will come sometime in 2021.

London Kills Season 3: Trailer

All fans are waiting for the 3rd Season. Till the official trailer of London Kills Season 3 is out, you can enjoy the trailer of 1st and 2nd Seasons on Acorn TV or on Prime Video to refresh your memories.

Here is the trailer of London Kills Season 1.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be the 3rd Season of London Kills?

There has been no official announcement right now.

How many episodes are there in London Kills?

There are 10 episodes in London Kills

Final Words

London Kills Season 3 is an interesting series that is liked by millions of fans. But, at present, the official release date of the series is not out yet. So, we have to wait for the final touch that whether the show will be released or canceled……….

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