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LoliRock Season 3- Renewed or Cancelled?

Is LoliRock Season 3 renewed or cancelled? When will it premiere? What happens in the 3rd Season of LoliRock? Who are the casting characters of this TV series?


I’m sure these questions are revolving in your mind. Now, it’s time to get the answer of our questions.

To get the answer, this article is the best source for you. As it contains all the relevant info regarding this article like the plotline, the casting characters, the upcoming date, the trailer and more…..

Have you enjoyed/ watched the previous season (1st and 2nd Season) of the LoliRock. If your answer is yes, then it’s great. But in case if you haven’t seen than don’t worry…..

Now, I am going to share IMDb Rating of LoliRock. So, keep on rolling…………..

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LoliRock Season 3

LoliRock Season 3 is a French animated TV series. It is produced by Marathon Media and Zodiak Kids with France Televisions. LoliRock Season 3 is created by Jean Louis Vandestoc and it is written by Madellaine Paxson. The 1st Season was aired on 18th October, 2014 in France. Right now, there is no official announcement for the premiere of the 3rd Season……

It’s very hard for all the fans even for me also, to except the cancellation of LoliRock Season 3 as the producer did not make any comment for its renewal and cancellation.

Let’s have a sharp look over the Release Date of LoliRock Season 3.

LoliRock Season 3- Renewed or Cancelled?

The show makers have not given any announcement regarding the 3rd Season. Whereas, all the fans are waiting for the officials updates/ details.

In case they will renew the series this year, it may not arrive in 2021. So, we have to wait for the official notice for the renewal or cancellation of the television series called, LoliRock Season 3.

The chances of its return are still very high. Netflix has brought back a few long shows because of high demand. It is just because the demand of all the fans and popularity of the show.


I have good news for all the fans (including me) that Netflix will get greenlight for the Season 3 of LoliRock.

It’s time to know the names of the casting characters that made this series mind blowing and demanding for all the fans (including me).

Cast/ Characters of LoliRock Season 3

  • Kazumi Evans as Iris
  • Chiara Zanni as Izira
  • Kelly Sheridan as Praxina
  • Vincent Tong as Mephisto
  • James Kirk as Doug

We all know that Characters play a vital role in the success of any series. Therefore, above mentioned are the leading (main) characters that made the 3rd Season of LoliRock interesting for us….

I am very excited to know what actually happens in LoliRock Season 3….

The Plotline of the 3rd Season of LoliRock

In LoliRock Season 3, the story of this series revolves around a sweet and spirited teenager whose name is Iris. She joined a group of girls. Moreover, her life changes when she exposed to the world having magical powers and interesting mysteries.

However, LoliRock Season 3 follows the journey of Iris. She is very beautiful voice and a desire to help others. After joining the girls group, new world of music, mysteries and magical powers are revealed.

The 3 new friends (music, mysteries and magical powers) bound together by their destinies.

Don’t you want to enjoy the trailer of the LoliRock Season 3? If yes then keep scrolling down…..Give your preference in the comment box…

The Trailer of LoliRock Season 3

As I told you earlier that the television series (LoliRock Season 3) is not yet renewed. Therefore, all the fans that are waiting for the trailer of the series will have to be disappointed.

Even it is hard for us to expect the trailer to be given anytime soon. In case of any new update, we will let you soon……

By the help of this video, you will get to know something about the 3rd Season of LoliRock.

Where can we watch LoliRock Season 3?

Its heart touching for all the fans (including me) those we can watch LoliRock Season 3 with an English Dub on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video with Japanese audio and English subtitles.


IMDb Rating of LoliRock

The IMDb rating of LoliRock is 7.1 out of 10. This shows the demand of users/ viewers for the LoliRock Season 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LoliRock Season 3?

LoliRock Season 3 is a French animated Television series.

What is it about?

It revolves around the story of a sweet girl named, Iris.

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Final Words

LoliRock Season 3 is one of the best television series which is based on the story of a sweet girl Iris. She is very beautiful with sweet voice. However, she enters a girls group where she finds new music world, mysteries and magical powers. LoliRock Season 3 is one of the best series and famous also……………

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