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Loki : The Evolution Of Loki From Loki To Avengers


David Mudd

Loki is a Marvel comic book character. The character is created by Stan Lee and played by Tom Hiddleston in the big screen.

Loki Character Debut In Marvel Cinematic Universe

The 2011 film Thor saw the debut of the trickster Loki brother of Thor, in Marvel Cinematic Universe. But in the movie, he learns that he’s not the son of Odin. He’s biologically the son of the King of Frost Giants, Laufey in Jotunheim.

Laufey is portrayed as the enemy of the Asgardian king Odin. So technically Loki is supposed to be the next king of Jotunheim. But Odin has raised Loki and always considered him as his son just like Thor.

We see in Thor both the brothers as kids playing together and Odin explaining to them about being a good king. But it was Thor who has always been destined to be the king of Asgard after Odin.

The God of mischief has developed beautifully as one of the villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Loki Developing As A Villain

All the superheroes from Thor to Captain America to Iron Man to Black Widow all of them first came together to protect New York City in 2012 Avengers. Loki was the one who created the mess and was tearing the city apart. In the movie, we see Loki releasing Frost Giants from the galaxy into New York City.

Marvel New Loki Series

Loki brought up by Odin always wanted to protect Asgard and be the king. But it was never in his destiny, and that position remained with Thor. He felt even worse when he got to know that he’s just an adopted Frost Giant.

This very revelation and confrontation in front of Odin changed his character drastically. Loki was only an alliance to use as a tool for Odin’s forever enemy Laufey. To be fair, this would hurt anybody.

However, this cannot be covered up for the destruction he caused in New York, but the story is an explanation for how evil he turned out.

Loki realizing that he could never be the king of Asgard, and was a tool he just wanted more and more power than ever. He wanted to rule people, whether it be Asgardians or humans.

Tom Hiddleston


The God of mischief’s pact with Chitauri led him to destroy New York City. That movie of Avengers was filled with some very touching emotions. Thor, even after the havoc Loki caused in New York, still wanted to take his brother back home in Asgard. Of course, Loki loses the battle to take control over Earth all thanks to Iron Man’s brains and all the other Avengers.

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Loki’s Character Development

Thor took him to Asgard after the destruction he caused in Earth. He left him to Odin to declare the punishment. The death of Loki’s mother (Odin’s wife) leads to the brothers reuniting to take revenge.

Thor Ragnarok picks up as Loki sitting in the throne impersonating Odin and showing himself as the savior in front Of Asgardians. Of course, he’s not a good king even after wearing the glamour of Odin.

But later on in the movie, we see the brothers reuniting again after Odin makes it clear that both of them are his sons no matter what. They fight together for Asgardians.


The Last Of Loki: Avengers Infinity War

The last of Loki we saw was in Avengers Infinity War. He dies a heroic death trying to protect Tesseract and Thor. Loki chooses his brother’s life over his. This shows how much he has grown as a character from being the evil trickster brother to a good brother. Loki’s death was very tragic and giving newfound respect for the character to the audience.

But we never know whether the God of Mischief is dead or not. Many fans believe that Loki tricked his death in front of Thanos. He has died quite a few times in previous Marvel movies, so we never know.